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Soar Like and Eagle, Replanting and Night Skies

eagleMay 13, 2017 – Soar like an Eagle

I got the phone call at 5:30 in the morning. They said Ken had stopped breathing and they were trying to revive him. I knew in my heart that he was gone. Sad as it was, it was what I had prayed for the night before when I left the hospital. I prayed that God would heal him or take him home. He answered that prayer by doing both, taking him home and giving him a new glorified body that would never hurt or be sick again.

I walked into the room only three minutes after they called. The hospital was less than half a mile away and yes I was speeding to get there, hoping maybe they resuscitated him long enough for me to say goodbye. They were just calling the time of death when I entered the room.

There was stuff thrown all around and the cart was still there with the paddles. They quietly walked out to give me some time. I walked to the head of the bed and looked into his blank eyes, hoping to see just some kind of spark in them. He was gone, but I could still feel his soul in the room. Quietly I reached up and closed his eyes, kissed him on the forehead straightened his covers, said a prayer for him, and told him “Now you can soar like an Eagle”.

Ken had often said that he wanted to soar like an eagle. I think it was his way of saying he wanted to be free of the shackles of this life. He wanted to be free of illness, of pain, of depression and of sorrow. He wanted to be free to be with the lord.

Jesus promised us we would be free of all the problems we face on this earth, and Ken believed that for a few moments in time, you could look back at your loved ones before you soared up to heaven. He also believed that at times the Lord might allow you to watch over certain members to make sure they would be alright. He told his best friend he was going to watch over me. Today I am thankful that one day I may soar like an eagle.

bucket of flowersMay 14, 2017 – Replanting

I always wanted to grow plants. I dreamed often of having a small farm with a good garden and just a few acres for a few chickens, a cow, a horse, a few dogs and cats and any other wildlife that wanted to join in. I even thought about having a goat or two because they eat garbage but I would worry about them getting into my garden.

As life would have it, that was just another one on the list of dreams I had that didn’t come true. Since I moved to this rural town, I have had an opportunity to try and grow a few things. I have managed to keep several house plants alive for a few years and had great success with my tomatoes last year, especially the Husky’s.

I like to browse the garden center at Stoplight Market and Walmart, but sometimes the prices for the herbs and vegetables I want are just too high. I spent five dollars on a lavender plant with intention of starting more from it, but it started dying out as soon as it was replanted. There is still a small part that is trying to hang out.

Mostly I look in the sale aisle at Walmart, choosing and picking my summer flowers from those they have greatly discounted or are getting ready to throw them out. I bring this home, trim off the dead parts, replant them, talk to them, baby them and have had great success in them returning to health.

Isn’t that somewhat the way our Lord works? When we are down and out, when we are sick and tired, when we think we have reached our limits, he replants his promises in our hearts and minds. Today I am thankful that when I am wilted and worn, he replants me with his promises and answered prayers.

Isaiah 41:10 Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

starry skiesMay 15, 2017- Night Skies

Have you ever stood out on a porch or deck and watched the night skies. As the sky gets darker, the stars shine brighter and more and more of them them to just pop into view. Maybe you will see a falling star or a night bird or bat flies by, interrupting your view for just a few seconds, reminding you that life goes on after many are sound asleep.

I’ve always loved to sit out on a summer night and stare at the night sky. I even, often times, step out on the back deck, just before I head to bed and look at all the brilliant stars, taking in the fact that they are so far away, reminding me just how vast the heavens are.

With a sky so beautiful, so powerful yet so serene, how can anyone thing this is something that just came into being or was already there. I don’t believe for one instant that it wasn’t all created by that mighty spirit, that mighty creator that we call God.

Science, for many years, has searched for information on how the heavens, earth and mankind came to be, but they are always looking for a reason, other than our God. I don’t believe we evolved from fish or apes or that the “Bing Bang Theory” many are using for their explanation on how how the heavens and earth appeared.

There are nights when all this beauty is hidden by the dark clouds of thunderstorms and rain, but even then, the power of the lightening strikes shows you just how awesome is the power of God. Even in a snow storm or thunderstorm, there is beauty and power to be found in the night skies. Today I am thankful for the night skies for they remind of the great power of our Lord.

Psalm 19:1

To the choirmaster. A Psalm of David. The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.

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Walking the Hill and Mrs. Beasley May be Back

Legs in SPA

May 11, 2017- Walking the Hill

Osteoarthritis is a common ailment that often comes with getting older. While our bones and joints might ache, if caught early you can lead a pretty normal life by using the right medications, the right exercises and the right mind set. Rheumatoid arthritis is completely different. It not only affects your joints, mainly in the feet and hands, but can cause inflammation throughout your whole body, including all of your organs.

I have had osteoarthritis for many years with the major flair ups usually during the cold and wet seasons, but I have learned to treat it and deal with it. Several months ago I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, with the majority of it showing up in my feet.

During the summer months we have made it a habit to walk the radio station hills as often as we can. We walk from the second driveway, down to the last driveway of the fairgrounds, back up to the very first driveway at the top of the hill, and back to where we started. Two laps equals a mile.

We enjoy the peacefulness there. If there is nothing going on at the fairgrounds, we mostly have the roadway to ourselves with the occasional car going by. We’ve made friends with rabbits, have watched the many variety of birds flying around and have a new friend, a turtle we moved out of the street a few weeks ago who seems to come out and wait up in the grass for us.

In the morning, my feet hurt extremely bad. I often come close to losing my balance when I first stand up and limp through the house to get my medications. It takes an hour or so for them to start working. On sunny days, we head out to the hill. I haven’t been able to do the two miles we were doing last year, but I manage to get at least a mile or a mile and a half in before my feet tell me it is time to quit.

While there may come a day that I might have to have surgery or they just don’t support me anymore, I will still walk the hill as long as I can. I am stubborn that way. I’ve never been one to baby myself and I have an extreme tolerance for pain. Today I am thankful to still be able to walk the radio station hill.

Mrs. BeasleyMay 12, 2017 – Mrs. Beasley May be Back

I mention not long ago about the attack on our “pet” squirrel. Although she never let us get close enough to touch her, Mrs. Beasley finally quit running away when we came out and even came up to the kitchen window to look in at us when her food dish was empty.

We were never able to know for sure if the squirrel smashed in the street the same day the bird attacked her was her, we have been saddened by her absence. Recently I saw a squirrel on the electrical lines in front of the house. She/he was about the size of Mrs. Beasley and sat looking at the house. When I came out on the front porch, she just sat there looking at me.

A few days ago, I looked out the kitchen window and lo and behold, there was a squirrel eating out of Mrs. Beasley’s dish. Although she looked a little skinnier than our Mrs. Beasley, the fact that she came right up to the kitchen window makes me think it is, in fact, her. She may have been absent because she gave birth. Squirrels will not leave their nest until their babies are able to go out on their own. The mate will supply them with food until that time.

I sure hope this is her. She had become an extended part of our outdoor family and today I am thankful that Mrs. Beasley may be back

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Disappointments, Between a Rock and a Hard Spot, and Training my Thoughts

sad-smileyMay 8, 2017 – Disappointments

Life has no guarantees. We can plan, we can pray, we can hope, but very seldom does it turn out exactly as we want it to. I’ve had a lot of disappointments in my life and I have to had to face the cold, hard fact that there will probably be many more. We are not in complete control of our destiny nor the destiny of those we love.

I’ve learned to accept a lot of these disappointments and I try to always look for that little golden nugget that indicates something good may come out of them. I’ve had to learn that in order to live, to be as happy as I can, to not wallow in depression and anger, I must accept these disappointments and deal with them as they come, still looking into them for that little golden nugget. Often times I have found it, although not right away, sometimes it has been years before I discovered its hiding place.

I recently had another disappointment arise that really hurt my feelings. When we moved into this house, there was a line of seven trees along the back fence. When summer came and they all sprouted their leaves and flowers, they completely blocked out the back neighbors yard. It was like having a natural privacy fence.

Apparently the elderly couple that lived there moved out sometime during the winter and now a new couple were moving in. All of a sudden they started chopping down all the trees along that back fence, and while I am sure they are renters, I know the landlord and he wouldn’t say anything about because it would save him work and expense in later years. Instead of the seven trees, there are only three left standing.

They built a make-shift fire pit and started burning all their yard waste and the trees that they cut down. This, in itself, is a dangerous thing for both my roommate and myself as he has a rare hereditary disease that can cause his throat to swell and smoke is one of the worst irritants, and I have COPD and asthma.

Our little private haven during the summer days was now exposed and open to the curiosity of the backyard neighbors. As if that wasn’t enough, they cut down another tree on the side the other day so they could have more wood to burn, also asking all the neighbors on both sides and us for any limbs we might have because they like to sit out around their fire at night.

I have to take into consideration, that they too are an elderly couple, and they too have the right to do some of the things that they enjoy. My only solutions was to change they way I do my container garden, stay off the back deck and keep the windows closed when they burn. Even though I feel like I am inconvenienced, I have come to understand that this may be one of the only enjoyments they have. Today I am thankful that the lord teaches me how to accept and deal with disappointments.

common senseMay 9, 2017- Between a Rock and a Hard Spot

Decisions are made every day. You are given choices and you have to choose the one that you think is best. Do I drive down the busy street or do I take the side roads, should I buy the pot roast or the pork loin, should I apply to college “A” or college “B”.

It isn’t out of the norm for many people, including myself to make the wrong decisions because we didn’t think it out, and sometimes a wrong decision is made because there isn’t time to think it through. We have to train our minds to work on logical solutions in every situation. I, myself, often say a little prayer asking the Lord what I should in a situation and more times than not the Holy Spirit has nudged me to do the right thing.

But what happens when choice “A” is no better than choice “B”. What happens when you are stuck between a rock and a hard place, where you could be damned if you don’t and damned if you do, where neither choice will result in the outcome that you want or need?

We, Christians, have a bad habit of believing and even sometimes bragging that we are always in the grace of God. Many will go as far as to claim that he guides their every step and yet, knowing how human nature is, how we think and act, that is very seldom true.

Many times I have been between a rock and a hard spot. Many times I have had to sit and ponder, stress and think about which choice to make, which way to turn, and many times I have made the wrong decision, but one thing I have learned is when you call on God during these trying situations, he will often show up with a “C” choice that is totally unexpected. Today I am thankful that he always shows up when I am stuck between a rock and a hard spot.

insanityMay 10, 2017- Training My Thoughts

People spend a ton of money on education. We want our children to have the best education that money can buy. We want them to be smarter, be more successful, achieve more than we could in our lifetime. But, schools don’t teach our children the right ways to think. They can force all the academics down their throat, ad they can graduate with high honors, but they will still walk away without any a lot of what they need to know to make it through life.

This is the area where a lot of parents fail. For instance, other than following the majority of the “Ten Commandments”, my mother gave me no instruction on being kind, really kind. She didn’t teach me to think in the positive and not the negative. She didn’t sit down with me and teach me that I shouldn’t gossip or think bad thoughts about someone.

She didn’t show me how to draw the positive out of something negative or how to make sure there were more positives in my life than negatives. No, she taught me what she was taught, how to cook, how to clean the house, do laundry, crochet, sew, knit and to “do as I say, not as I do”. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my mother, but she couldn’t teach me anything that she hadn’t learned herself.

Since I received Christ, so much has changed in my life. I started acting different and I found more peace in my life. I learned by example from those in the church that I thought were my teachers, but found out quickly, that even though, in church, they seemed so pious, so righteous, so “religious’.

It was a rude awakening when one that I held in high esteemed started spreading gossip about the others in the church. I was shocked when she told me that one person had a problem with pornography and when she was sure that a father was sexually abusing his girls, she could tell by the way they acted.

Sometimes we tend to start acting like the people around us. I can personally attest to this, for after Ken died, I had to work with some people who like to always stir up trouble,.I was exposed to their gossip, their dislike of certain individuals and their mistrust of others. They were always looking at the negative side of everything.

I found myself starting to think, talk and act like them and I didn’t like it. I had to take a huge step back and look at the anger, bitterness, and negativity I was allowing to influence me, that I was allowing myself to be a part of. That’s when it hit me. I needed to teach myself how to think.

Every time I would let a bad thought about someone, every time I would feel anger or irritation toward someone, every time I automatically started to jump toward the negative side I things, I forced myself to stop and redirect my thoughts. I looked for positive reasons and solutions, I looked for the good thoughts I knew where there but being smothered by the bad. Today I am thankful that the Lord showed me I needed to train myself to think right.

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Health, The Kindness of Others, Warmer Days

awardMay 5, 2017 – Health

I wasn’t really a sickly child. I was born with asthma and while my older sister told me in later years that I had some horrendous attacks, there are very few that I remember. I spent six years in foster homes and during that time only had one attack and it was brought on by emotion.

I went home to mom, she insisted that I still had severe asthma, I guess because she remembered the attacks from earlier childhood. She had me released from all exerting activities in physical education class until she remarried, and then my asthma was completely forgotten, and I didn’t have any attacks.

For the majority of my life, my health seemed pretty good. Most times I never had to go see a doctor for anything. There were emergency room visits but most of those were for head x-rays or stitches because I was stuck in an abusive relationship.

I had the occasional cold, a few bouts of bronchitis and pneumonia one time. But basically I was a pretty healthy person. Today I suffer from several diseases that are common for someone my age. I still have mild asthma, but it is controlled, I have mild COPD and it is controlled. I have osteoarthritis in different areas of my body, and recently was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

I have chronic migraines, another left over result of the abusive relationship, but I have learned on my own how to treat them. Because of my hypersensitivity, I am allergic or have had adverse reactions to most of the medications they have tried on me.

Sure, I wake up with headaches often and my feet hurt every day, but for the most part I suffer more from medicinal side effects than anything. I had my bout with uterine cancer, but it was caught so early on that they were able to eliminate all of it with a total hysterectomy. Today I am thankful to be as healthy as I am.

Jesus with children 2May 6, 2017 – Kindness of Others

Kindness was not a major part of my early life. I ended up living with and around some very cruel people for a long time. Kindness just wasn’t in their vocabulary and it often made me wonder if kindness on the whole, was a dying act throughout the whole world. For the most part, any acts of kindness came from complete strangers instead from the people around me who claimed to care about me.

When I was finally separated from the abusive situation, when I finally found my way back to Jesus, all of that changed. I found out that kindness still exists in our world and when you show kindness it comes back to you at least tenfold.

The little rural city I live in today is so full of so many kind people. Since I moved here I have met very few unkind people. In this community, people are unified in many more ways than in the larger, more populated and crime ridden cities I was used to. The nurses and doctors at the clinics and hospitals know you on a first name basis and treat you more like you are a family member than a chart number.

The clerks at Walmart, the electric company, or any of the other businesses in town treat you much the same way. They are all so kind, understanding and helpful. Many of them go out of their way to treat others with understanding and kindness even when that person they are talking to might be vulgar, rude or angry.

When we were walking on the hills this morning, I stumbled and fell on the pavement. As Rich was helping me up, a woman immediately pulled over, jumped out of her car to see if I was alright. Today I am thankful for the help and kindness of others.

the four seasonsMay 7, 2017 – Warmer Days

When I was younger the weather never seem to bother me. If it was raining, I’d wear something with a hood on it and go on my way. If it was snowing, out came the winter coat and out the door I went. The summer heat felt good beating down on my head as I would walk from one place to another and I loved to sit outside and watch the passing colors of fall and spring.

As I have gotten older, the wet and cold seem to set in my bones. During the rainy season or during the winter it is not unusual for me to wake up each morning, not with just a migraine, but with my whole body aching as well. I’d just assume hibernate inside my home in weather like that, but unfortunately there are appointments to keep and groceries to be bought and bills to be paid.

Winters here, for the last few years have been strange. I can only thing of one day we had snow for the last two, one day we had a ice storm warning (which never came) and most of the time it was just gray, cold and wet. I don’t handle the colder, wetter temperatures like I used to. I guess it is just part of getting older.

But it is starting to get warmer. The sun is shining more often, even though we are still experiencing a week of rain at least once a month. The flowers are blooming, the trees are green, and there is a smell of Spring Freshness in the air. Today I am thankful for warmer days.

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Inventions and Libraries

appliancesMay 3, 2017 – Inventions

There was a time in our history when appliances didn’t exist. I know, everyone knows that, but do you ever think what it would be like without them. Imagine having to salt all your meat and dry it to preserve it. Think about what it would be like to have to drink lukewarm beverages all the time, no more cola over ice. How would your back feel after beating your clothes on a rock all day down by the river?

What if the wheel had never been discovered? Can you imagine a cart or wagon without a round wheel, and what if the cart or wagon had never been discovered? Can you imagine life without cars, buses, trains, and planes? Can you even fathom how long it would take to walk the five miles to the store and back? And what of the stores? How would they be able to keep food cold for days or weeks on end and how would they get food delivered to them?

In the early days, even further back than the biblical days, nothing had been invented. By the time of Jesus the wheel had been invented and chariots and carts were in use. There were cities where aqueducts were built to bring water into the city and dams were already constructed to keep the water close. For the most part, the poor traveled by foot and clothes were still washed on stones by the rivers edge.

Today, we enjoy all the advantages on inventions, from the motor car to the refrigerator. From the phone to the washer, from the stove to the television and so much more. We are a spoiled race of people in most places, even though there are areas in this world that have the privilege having all of these. Today I am thankful for inventions.

libraryMay 4, 2017 – Libraries

I was a Junior Librarian for six years in Junior High and High school. Every study hall period, you wouldn’t find me in the cafeteria doing homework or assignments, they were usually already done before I left a class. No, you would find me in the library, shelving books, looking at books, tagging and labeling books.

Usually before I left for the day, I had already checked out several books to read. Reading was and still is one of the hobbies I have always loved. During the hot summer months, I would walk around Pueblo on many days, with my nose stuck in a book. I didn’t sit on a bench or swing unless I stopped at the school yard. I literally walked down the street reading.

It was not unusual for me to read a book a day during those long hot days and it wasn’t unusual for me to read several books a week during the school months. I’ve always enjoyed going to the library, in fact I tried to get a job at the public library before I got out of High School but they weren’t hiring junior librarians, they wanted someone with a college degree.

I still love to go to the library. I can spend hours in there, just flipping through the books, looking up titles and subjects on the computer, and then finally picking the seven I am allowed and hurrying home to start reading them. I can’t imagine a world with out books, without libraries. Today I am thankful for libraries.

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Catching Up Again

I know that I am way behind, but things were pretty busy the last few weeks, however I did not neglect writing down my “thankful” topics for each day. I hope to be completely caught up in the next few days.

farmsApril 28, 2017 – Farmers

Several times in my life I lived on or visited farms. I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors, nature, animals and trying to grow things. A few times in my life I really wanted to have my own farm. I didn’t want anything huge, just something small with a few goats, a few horses, a few sheep, some chickens and ducks and of course a cow or two.

Of course I would have to have a good sized garden because I would want to grow my own food. My mom always had a garden when we lived in Pueblo. We used grab raw green beans, tomatoes and cucumbers off the plants, brush off the dirt and munch on them.

I could easily imagine myself pulling the weeds, gathering the produce and canning it in my kitchen. I dreamed of making apple pies from my own apples and having fresh salads from my own garden. I didn’t want much, just a few acres where I could be almost completely self sufficient.

As things turned out, I never had my farm and for most of life there was no place or time for a garden, but even today, when my little container garden only seems to want to grow tomatoes, I love farm fresh produce. I stop at the small produce stands during the summer and partake of the freshest veggies and fruits around.

Imagine if there were no farms? Where would we get our food? Even though the food in the grocery stores are mainly from commercial farms, if there were no farms it would be very hard to survive, to have enough food to eat because we would all have to try to grow our own in our little back yards. Today I am thankful for farmers.

New-Years-EveApril 29, 2017 – Days Off

When I lived by myself, I used to love it when Saturday rolled around. Unless I was asked to work overtime hours, it was my only completely free day. I would pick up groceries I needed Friday after work, put gas in the car and maybe rent a movie or two.

When Saturday morning rolled around, depending on where I lived at the time, I would either go out to the flea markets or the mall. On some days, especially in winter, I would hang around the house, straighten up a bit and make it a reading or TV day.

Being disabled doesn’t seem to have slowed down anything. There are several days with appointments at the hospital for infusions, doctors office visits, store visits, checking on mom and other trips here and there. There is no set day off since the infusions are done every 48 hours, so there is always one weekend day that we are at their mercy, for we have to call and wait until they thin out to get in there to have it done.

But, every so often we just collapse and say, it’s time for a day off. We pick a day when there are no appointments, Stock up on grocery items the night before, turn off the phone, and take a day off from the whole world. Today I am thankful for days off.

garden plants 002

My Tomato Plant Last Year

April 30, 2017 – Growing Things

My mother and both my sisters always seem to have a green thumb. They could grow just about anything, trees, shrubs, flowers, fruits or vegetables. I didn’t inherit this gift. I could buy the most beautiful plants and flowers, follow the instructions on how to take care of them and still within a week they would shrivel up and die.

I’ve had more luck since I moved to Missouri. I have actually managed to keep several house plants alive for over 6 years and have been trying my hand at growing some veggies during the hot summer months. Last year I had a pretty good crop of tomatoes, but my squash, cucumbers and peppers didn’t quite like me and all withered away.

The house plants are still surviving and really looking pretty good. I just got them put out on the porch today. I still need to get some flowers out there and will do that in the next week or so. I love to grow things. Today I am thankful for the things I have managed to grow.

libraryMay 1, 2017 – Books

I love to read. Mysteries, science fiction, tales of the odd or bizarre, supernatural, stories of knights in not so shining armor and history are some of my favorites. I love to read my bible every morning. For years I had difficulty understanding it, but as of lately it has become easier to understand.

While most preachers today preach mainly from the New Testament, I still love reading the Old Testament as well. I love to read about the prophets of old, about the wanderings and travels of the children of God, their trials and tribulations and all the battles that the Kings fought. Each time I read them again, they become much more interesting.

I have collected the fictional works of the Left Behind Series, all twelve books. The way they are written describes so vividly what it may be like after the rapture. Using fictional characters they describe the birth and rising of the Anti-Christ. They show all the trials and tribulations, all the struggles to just survive that new Christians will have to face and they end it with the Glorious Appearing of Jesus.

I would love to see the Glorious Appearing of Jesus and I would love to see him defeat Satan’s Armies in the Valley of Megiddo but I don’t expect to be here when that happens because I will be in the rapture. Those taken in the rapture might be able to view all of this from Heaven, I don’t know, but it would be a sight to see. Books allow you to escape from your present day worries and transport you to another place and time Today I am thankful for books.

May 2, 2017 – Electricity

lighteningWe all have experienced losses of electricity during storms, but can you imagine what it would be like to live every day without it? Did you know that there are still some civilizations, some sections in different countries, and even small areas in the US that do not have electricity? There are.

We have become so spoiled with all the technical advancements of this age that I dare say that if we lost electricity for a longer amount of time than what happens during a bad storm, we would probably become a race of very angry, very bored, and very agitated beings.

We would have to revert back to older times when you had no choice but to cook over an open fire, where you lighted lanterns or candles to have any kind of light at night. We would have to revert to walking or using oxen or horse drawn carts again since most gas stations now have computerized electrical pumps. We would have to carry our own water since most pumping stations now run on electricity.

We would have to find our own sources of food since the trucks that deliver it wouldn’t be able to put fuel in their tanks to deliver the goods to us, and the amount of food would diminish because all the warehouses, electrical pumping systems at dairies and warming lights in hatcheries wouldn’t work anymore. All of that would have to be done by hand. Just about everything we have today runs on some form of electricity. Today I am thankful for electricity.

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New Life, Past Sins, and One More Year

hen and chicksApril 25, 2017 – New Life

There is nothing more precious than new life. When a mother and father look at and hold their just born child, there is such a feeling of wonder, awe and happiness that courses through their veins. They, with the help of God, through their acts of love help create this new life. It is the same in just about every species. When a mother squirrel gives birth, she does not leave the nest until the babies are ready to go out on their own. The father will hunt and search and bring back the food necessary to keep his family going.

I have witnessed many different birds in our back yard, teaching them to fly, nudging them to move. I’ve watched them teach them how to look for food, how to pick out the best morsels from the birdseed we put out. I’ve watched them dive bomb other birds that have dared to go near their young.

I’ve watched plants grow from seeds, some that I planted and nourished myself, watering them, feeding them, talking to them as if they were my own children, which in a round-a-bout way they are. I’ve watched them develop and produce flowers, vegetables and fruit, giving back to the person who nursed them along.

No matter where you are in your life, you can experience new life. Whether your children are grown and moved away, even if you can’t grow plants or don’t have the beauty of nature close by you, you, too can experience new life within yourself.

Once you ask Jesus in to your heart, new life begins inside of you. You find that you no longer desire the sinful habits of your old life. You feel renewed, energized, hopeful and peaceful all at the same time. You begin to believe that your life has purpose after all. Today I am thankful to witness all the new life around me and to be living the new life Jesus gave me.

older woman prayingApril 26, 2017 – Past Sins

This subject has arisen in many conversations. Although we don’t know everything about God that we would want to know, there is still a large majority of people who believe that their suffering, whether physical, emotional or spiritual is some kind of punishment from God. This isn’t true at all. Although God did make some of his children suffer for their sins in the early days of this earth, that all went away when he sent his son to be our redeemer, to be the intermediary between us and God, allowing us to be forgiven of our sins.

When I was reading in the John Hagee prophecy bible the other morning, I ran across a foot note that explains that mankind’s suffering does not come from a loving god, but is the way the that Satan would attempt to shake our faith in God. If you remember your bible, all the sufferings of Job were caused by Satan.

He would do anything to turn us away from God, including trying to make us believe that God is the reason we suffer. Another trick he uses, and uses it as often as possible is to make a person believe that they are not forgiven. He brings up past sins, some so terrible that we wouldn’t want to repeat them to anyone, and then puts the question in our head “how can God forgive me of that?” or “Has God really forgiven me of that?”

Even when we go through tough times, it is sometimes hard to believe that God would allow some of the suffering that happens, but remember some of our suffering is the results of mistakes we made or other around us have made, but in the end God will work it out for the best. He may use our faith during bad times as examples to bring more of his children home. Just remember, no matter what you go through, he has forgiven your sins and your suffering is not punishment from God for your mistakes, and in the end you will suffer no more. Today I am thankful my past sins have been forgiven.

birthday cakeApril 27, 2017 – One More Year

Today I celebrated my 65th birthday, well the way I celebrate anyhow. Birthday celebrations don’t mean a whole lot to me. I am thankful for those who do remember, but I hold no ill feelings to those who forget. To me, it is just another day in my life, another day closer to seeing my lord.

I try to remember everyone’s birthday’s, the best that I can, but there are times when I am late or actually end forgetting for a month or two, then I am really late. I remember one year, things were so busy that I entirely forgot my little sisters birthday, I got confused and sent her a birthday card two months later. For some reason I forgot it was on January 15th and sent it to her on Marsh 15th.

I don’t expect anyone to do anything for my birthday. As I said, it is just another day, another day closer to being with the lord. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a death wish, I enjoy everyday that I am alive, but as I get older I realize that time is getting shorter.

It was nice to see so many messages on my Facebook page from friends and relatives wishing me a Happy Birthday and my little sis, like she always does, brought me the perfect present, a bunch of different plants to put out in my yard. I do appreciate that so many remembered me on this day.

While I do look forward to the day I meet Jesus face to face, I still have a lot to do before I leave this life, so today I am thankful for one more year to be around those I love and care for