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Feeding the Demons

Author: Lori Carter There is no limit to the emotions we can feel. Loneliness, hatred, anger, sorrow, depression, love and joy are among the major emotions, all of which can be felt in just one day. Each day there is something new that finds its way to the forefront of our lives that can ruin […]

A Celebration of Thanksgiving

Author: Lori Carter There were 53 Pilgrims that sat down to the first “traditional” Thanksgiving feast with King Massasoit and 90 of his warriors on the chilly day in 1621 at Plymouth. This time was what triggered the “Thanksgiving Day” that we celebrate each year in the United States. Although it was the first “harvest” […]

Another Archive from “Positive” Mornings

It is my intent to have all the original articles transferred to this site by the end of January. This is one that was posted around Thanksgiving of last year. I will also be posting an new Thanksgiving article for this year. Be blessed, Lori Author: Lori Carter (From Positive Mornings Archive – Originally Posted […]


Unfortunately wordpress will not allow me to set up another area for the archived articles from “Positive Mornings” so I will be transferring them to the original home page one at a time. If it is a post that originates from the original site, I will include the date in the title. Have a wonderfully, […]

Waking up to Cooler Weather (Original post from Positive Mornings 9/4/2011)

We don’t have air conditioning, and all though some may think it weird, I thank God for it. Utilities are high in Butler. Our electric bill, which includes water, sewer and trash pick up runs around $200.00 a month. I can’t even imagine what it would have been like if we ran an air conditioner […]

A Nation in Turmoil

Author: Lori Carter Another election has come and gone. Part of our nation is celebrating, parts are mourning the fact that their candidate did not win, and part of us just doesn’t care one way or another. This is not the nation it once was, but can we truly blame that on just one man, […]

Welcome to More of Positive Mornings

I was having problems with the other site so I am setting up a new one. I will be eventually transferring all the articles from the original “Positive Mornings” here eventually. Until then, check back often for new articles. Be Blessed, Lori