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A Nation in Turmoil

Author: Lori Carter

Another election has come and gone. Part of our nation is celebrating, parts are mourning the fact that their candidate did not win, and part of us just doesn’t care one way or another. This is not the nation it once was, but can we truly blame that on just one man, that is elected by the majority of voters? I am more apt to believe it is a trickle-down effect that started several presidencies ago and just continues to escalate.

Although I, personally, do not believe that there has been any candidate worthy of running our country for many years, many put all their hope and faith in this one man. Wouldn’t it be great, couldn’t you just see the change if all of those, would instead, put all their hope and faith in Jesus. Talk about a revival!!

No matter what happens in this country, in this world, everything is changing. The bible says it is supposed to happen, no matter what men may do. We are not in control of anything save our hearts and souls. We have the choice to choose to follow God or follow this world. No one can ever take that choice away, no matter how hard they may try.

At some point, on someday, everything as we know it will change. No president, king, mayor, governor or leader will have any say about it. None of them will be able to control it or stop it, and none of them will ever be able to claim responsibility or credit for it.

As in the past, I will continue to pray for our nation, other nations, friends, family and everyone I can think of. I have no control over the future, but I have the peace of knowing Jesus is my savior and I know where I will be on that great judgment day. This is the event that I look forward too, more than any presidential election, more than any technical advancement and more than any medical breakthrough, He is giving peace that passes all understanding and I can only strive to live one day to the next, just as I have done for so many years.

Philippians 4:7 And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

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