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A Celebration of Thanksgiving

Author: Lori Carter

There were 53 Pilgrims that sat down to the first “traditional” Thanksgiving feast with King Massasoit and 90 of his warriors on the chilly day in 1621 at Plymouth. This time was what triggered the “Thanksgiving Day” that we celebrate each year in the United States.

Although it was the first “harvest” celebration in this new land, days of Thanksgiving have been celebrated worldwide for centuries. In English tradition, they were celebrated with religious services during the reign of Henry VIII. Before 1536 there were 95 Church Holidays, many of them “thanksgiving” oriented. As the number of these were diminished over the years, there would be new “Fasting and Thanksgiving” days called for because of times of need and natural disasters as the drought of 1611, floods in 1613 and the plague from 1604 and 1622.

Almost each and every country has the same kind of celebration, no matter what Gods they serve. They are days set aside to be thankful for the harvest, for deliverance from natural disasters and manmade wars. Thanksgiving has been a part of every culture in some form or another throughout all generations.

As your thoughts wander through all the festivities, time with family, and feasts that are being enjoyed today, stop to pray for those who have less. It is a sad fact but, oh so true, that many are alone or in dangerous situations this “Thanksgiving Day”. Soldiers in the fields, hungry, homeless, sick and disabled are large in numbers. Elderly, forgotten, and excluded people sit alone trying to reach out to better times, better circumstances and memories of better days.

Be thankful for what you have, be thankful for what you don’t have and pray unceasingly for those who have less. If you are alone today, feeling the pressures of life on your shoulders, if you are homeless, poor or far from home, there are still things you can find in your day to be thankful for. Reach out to someone today, if only in prayer, and thank our almighty God for all that you do have.

Be Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving, Lori

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