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Surviving in a World Gone Mad

Author: Lori Carter

The_Last_supperThere is so much going on in this world today that it is hard to keep up with it all. The wars across the seas, threats of the creation of nuclear bombs, biological warfare, drug wars, super storms like Katrina and Sandy, rising costs on food, energy and housing, loss of jobs and homes and even the threat of Alien invasion and zombie apocalypse are in the news each day. Yes I said alien invasion, since there are multiple sightings around the world each day. The CDC has stated that a zombie outbreak is possible if a rabies virus was to be combined with a flu virus and Fire Stations around the world have actual instructions for handling the landing of a UFO.

Rumors of civil war abound here at home while our soldiers are risking their lives to help other countries achieve and keep their freedom. Biological weapons are being experimented with each and every day and not just with scientists in our country. Lives are lost to hate groups, black and white, serial killers, serial rapists, and pedophiles search for their newest child victims.

Add to all this the everyday struggle to just get by. Prayer is taken out of schools and discipline of your children is now handled by local officials. In many places corporal punishment such as spanking is against the law, yet bullying is ignored in many public education centers. Then you have to worry about health problems, paying the mortgage, buying food, clothing your children, gas prices and keeping your job.

Each person has a different focus than the next. Medical researchers are looking for new treatments and cures while at the same time discovering new diseases. Scientists are searching for new energy methods, planets that might be like earth, and technological break- throughs.

Those with military personnel stationed overseas have their safe keeping on their minds. Single mothers are struggling to raise their children with minimal help, while whole families are being torn apart by the outside influence of immorality, addictions, violence and peer pressure.

Government officials wake up with the worries of their states and cities, while police wake to the fact that today could be their last day. Parents watch with fear and worry as their children walk out in unsafe neighborhoods to head for school, while gangs run the streets unfettered in their pursuit of illegal gains

How do you handle a world gone mad? It is normal for most people to think about their immediate concerns before those of a neighborhood, city, county or nation, but the violence, crime and threats against us are in front of our faces each and every day in the news and media.

It is impossible to pray about every situation, even if you prayed every waking moment of your day. Immediate concerns are always foremost in our minds, but the whole world needs prayers in this day and age. The good news is that God knows your heart. He hears what you think when you read the news, when you open your mail, when you see and talk with people. Silent prayers are sometimes the most powerful ones in his ear.

I peruse a social site a couple times a day because it is the only way for me to keep up with the lives of many friends and relatives. I have learned to pray, even a short prayer, immediately when I see a prayer request.

When I was young, I was taught you had to always get on your knees to pray, but with all the things that are happening around us each day, getting on your knees each time you pray isn’t even feasible. A very wise pastor once told his congregation that you can pray in your mind and God will hear, but Satan won’t. We give Satan more power than he actually has. He can’t read your mind but can only act against you through your verbal responses and actions.

Silent prayer is powerful and can be done from anywhere at any time. So as you read your Facebook page, as you watch or listen to the news, and as you travel through your day noticing events and people who need to be prayed for, think that short, silent prayer immediately for if you leave it go until the end of the day, you may forget. A thought only takes a few seconds and our minds are constantly thinking, so think those silent prayers on the spot and be assured that the lord is listening each time a prayer goes up.

Be Blessed, Lori


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