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Where Was God?

Author: Lori Carter

rest in peace/ reposted from Facebook

rest in peace/ reposted from Facebook

I put off writing about this for a few days. It was so devastating and horrific. My heart goes out to these families who lost loved ones in this mass murder. I can’t even imagine what they are going through. My younger sister was a victim of murder, many years ago, but since I didn’t live in the same state and couldn’t get there either, I did not have to witness the brutal way she died.

I have watched the media, the blog-spots and have seen exactly what I expected to see. It seems that the majority of people are looking for a psychological explanation to what happened. Why would a quiet, 20 year old, young man choose 6 and 7 year old children as his victims?

Conspiracy theories connect his father with a scandal out of London banks, as a witness, while others say it might have been some kind of club initiation. Some blogs are saying he just cracked while others want to insert government conspiracy into the mix. The only theory I haven’t heard yet is the extraterrestrial/alien associated kind.

There is even a clip that shows police officers chasing someone else through the woods and a recording, claiming to be that of police radios stating there were two other suspects apprehended. Other conspiracy theories try to make a connection with mind control programs like MKULTRA and Montauk, yet those are just theories like the rest.

Here may be the heart of the problem. Discipline has been taken out of the hands of the parents. Prayer and God have been taken out of the schools, public place and media exchanges. The churches, their parishioners and parents have allowed the children to seek their own means of entertainment up to and including “rap” music that talks about sexual perversion and murder, and yet many are asking where was God when all of this was happening?

Everyone sits back and just wonders what could have gone wrong, why so many mass murders and atrocities over the last several years. Can we all say “Satan”? When did we stop believing in “demon possession”? It’s in the bible. Jesus cast out demons yet today many pastors preach that there are no demons.

Children are not brought up to believe in the moral values stipulated by the bible. Too many of them are raised in a material world where computers, video games, and electronics have taken on the role of the parents.

I don’t know what made this young man choose to murder innocent children. I can’t fathom that anyone would ever think it was right, no matter how deranged or mentally ill they are. Our society has turned to science and psycho-science to put a name to the actions of so many, that may in fact, be demon possessed.

Maybe it is time to put God back into everything this country was built on. Maybe it is time to allow prayer and teachings of good ethics and morals back into the classrooms. This country was founded on a “God” principle, openings its borders and allowing anyone of any belief to come here to live.

I remember in grade school, we always started the day with the Lord’s Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance, and that was public school. It only took one person to object to this, to find others who felt the same way to start a movement to stop it.

The solution is simple. Since we are a nation of many diversified religions and beliefs, allow for time each morning for children to pray in those beliefs. For example, if you have a class that is 25% Christian, 25% Muslim, 25% Jewish and 25% non-believers, let them form small groups and go off into the corners to do their morning orisons. Allow the children who come families that don’t subscribe to any spiritual level of belief to either choose a group they want to be in, or to sit quietly at their desks to read or work.

Teach the children respect for each group, not to condemn but to accept that people believe differently. If a child has a higher, spiritual source to go to at the beginning of each day, one that teaches moral values, then those beliefs will stay with them all through the day.

Throw a child into an atmosphere that tells them what their parents and/or church teaches them doesn’t matter or isn’t true and you are going to end up with immoral, mixed up and confused adults with no sense of right or wrong, and no moral values.

My prayers are with these families. No one deserves to go through this kind of pain and sorrow. Let “God” back in and see what a change there will be. Remember, there is not always a scientific or psychological explanation for everything. Satan is here, he has been here for a very long time. He knows his time is limited so he is working overtime.

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