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Regret, Repent or Relent

Author: Lori Carter I am reading the Daily bible, In Chronological Order, 365 Daily Readings. This one was put together and published by Harvest House Publishers with commentaries by F. LaGard Smith. It is the New International Version. It is very interesting, and I am 4 days ahead in the readings. Sometimes I don’t want […]

The Dog Ate my Homework

Note: I will be transferring the best articles from “Positive Morning” to “More of Positive Mornings ” in the next few days so you will see some extra posts. Author: Lori Carter Think back to your younger school days. There were probably times that you forgot to do your homework, or just didn’t feel like […]


Author: Richard Carter Morning:  The mists are starting to clear. Both nasal passages feel fused shut. This will change shortly. A moment and I’m up and the swirl of things I don’t want to do later occur in a zombie like pattern of half stumbling actions. Blankets are drawn up and coverlet smoothed with my […]

Living Each Day to the Fullest: The Fragility of Life

Author: Lori Carter I’ve often heard throughout my life that you should live each day to the fullest for you never know if it will be your last. I never knew for certain what was meant by that. Should I run out each day and do things I had never done before, even if I […]


Author: Lori Carter   Being a Christian isn’t always easy. We put our faith in a God we can neither touch nor see. We wait patiently, maybe not always patiently, for him to answer our prayers and move in our lives. Our actions, our thoughts, and our attitudes have a whole lot to do with […]

Harder Times

Author: Lori Carter The world is a mess; there is no doubt about that. There are approximately over 1,400,000 violent crimes committed in U.S. on a daily basis. These include rape, abductions, murder, assault, robbery and so much more. There are continuing conflicts and wars being fought since before, during and after 9/11 in Afghanistan, […]