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Harder Times

Author: Lori Carter

Winter in Butler

Winter in Butler

The world is a mess; there is no doubt about that. There are approximately over 1,400,000 violent crimes committed in U.S. on a daily basis. These include rape, abductions, murder, assault, robbery and so much more. There are continuing conflicts and wars being fought since before, during and after 9/11 in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Palestine, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Mexico. Our own country is at odds with itself over the violation of Constitutional Laws and financial duress. Many lobby for stricter gun control, harsher drug penalties, abortion rights, gay marriage, freedom of speech and so much more. Rumors abound that we are close to another Civil War. Add to all of this the conspiracy theories on aliens, secret government sects, and the takeover of our country and you don’t derive much peace from the daily news.

Now bring into play all the personal things in your life like rebellious children, lost jobs, foreclosures, illness and disease, broken homes and marriages and the your list of worries gets that much longer. Maybe you are struggling just to survive through each day to feed your family, put a roof over your heads, find work, or pay your bills. Maybe you have wayward children who don’t follow your teachings or the path of God. You may have elderly parents or relatives that require constant watching or care. You might be homeless and have to seek shelter in a new place each night. Yes, the world is a mess.

Sometimes the best we can do is survive the day. We watch the news and see so much that shows the violence, dishonesty and abuse that are present in every nation around the globe. Now add to this all the natural disasters that have taken lives, have destroyed homes and families and cannot be controlled. It’s enough to make the strongest person depressed.

This is life. It varies from city to city, state to state, and country to country and basically we are unable to do much about it. Living each day to its fullest, trying to make it to the next is sometimes a real challenge. Prayers go up to the heavens at a continuous rate and some fall away in disbelief when prayers are not answered in the time and fashion they desire.

God did not intend for one person or one group of people to bear the burdens of this world. That was already done with the life and crucifixion of Jesus. Doomsday preppers are always finding new ways to insure their survival if the world ends the way they believe. Some believe it will be of natural causes such as super storms, earthquakes or the impact of a comet or asteroid. Others believe it will be a military or governmental take over.

However it happens there is no harm in being prepared for the worst, especially since no one knows for sure if the rapture will come before the tribulation. Extra food and water, weapons for protecting your family, a safe place to stay away from home, health and medical supplies, and an escape plan may very well be in order for the coming days.

Living as simple as possible and beneath your means may also prepare you for the coming times, but preparation for the heart and soul are just as important. Seeking forgiveness and direction should be a daily practice along with offering up thanksgiving for the things you already have. None of us are capable of solving the problems of this world, but we can make a difference day by day in being a Godly example in sharing our knowledge, or talents, and our belief, our strengths from and our love for God.

If we strive each day to meet the immediate requirements of day to day life, share what we can, reach out to others who have less, but still prepare for what will come next, we can offer others a bit of peace and preparation for the day that Jesus will return. Times are hard and they will get harder. We may find ourselves thrown back into the times of the middle ages where each person will have to learn to live off the land and survive. This may, in fact, be a good thing because there will be that much less to distract us from the worship, communication and relationship with Jesus.

It is such a material world, but all the wealth and all the power that is constantly being fought over will not open the gates of heaven for us. It’s time to get back to a simple life, one that daily involved God in everything we do and have, since in fact, everything good comes from him.

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