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The Dog Ate my Homework

Note: I will be transferring the best articles from “Positive Morning” to “More of Positive Mornings ” in the next few days so you will see some extra posts.

Author: Lori Carter

doggieThink back to your younger school days. There were probably times that you forgot to do your homework, or just didn’t feel like doing it. Although most people supervise their children’s homework now, back when I was young, I was told to do it or asked if I had it done. No one checked on me to see if I did it or did it right. I can remember the excuses we would use; with one of them being “the dog ate my homework”. This saying was used over and over again and became a joke that is still sometimes referred to.

We are not perfect. We live in a very busy world and it is easy to forget something. Appointments are missed, children are picked up late and anniversaries and birthdays are forgotten. Maybe you were supposed to call someone at a certain time and completely forgot to. What excuse did you come up with? Some of the favorites I used, before I met the man that I owe my life to (Jesus) was “I was stuck in traffic” or “My phone wasn’t working”

We are a defensive race by nature. We feel we have to give an elaborate or acceptable excuse for everything we do and say, at least that is the way I and many people I know are. There were times when I had to miss work and didn’t think my boss would accept the real reason so I would always use an elaborate excuse. After Jesus called me and I was trying to be truthful about everything, I no longer felt the necessity to lie about why I wasn’t at work. I remember the shocked faces when I called off the day after my son was shot. I’m sure everyone was thinking it was made up.

God requires us to be truthful, even to the extent that it could make us look bad or hurt us to reveal something. He doesn’t want us to hurt people, so when we are being truthful, we have to think about the wording and tone of voice we use. Our words should always be truthful but kind.

Events happen that we have no control over. Perhaps you sat up all night on the phone, praying for a friend in need and just didn’t get enough sleep to be able to function at your job. Your boss would much prefer an honest reason for your absence and the fact that you chose to take off instead of possibly fowling up something important at work.

The last job I worked had the perfect solution. They go tired of the silly excuses and lies people would come up with for taking the day off, so they rolled everything into one program and called it “PTO- Paid Time Off”. You were given 6 sick days a year, 6 personal days and accumulated so many hours a month in vacation time, depending on your time with the company. This time could be used without giving an excuse, with the exception that if you were taking more than one day, they would like to know so they could assign someone to cover your work.

I’m getting older and my memory is not as sharp as it used to be. I no longer make excuses for what I forget. I blame it on the very true fact that I forgot. Everyone seems to be understandable. I don’t lie and say I sent a card or I tried to call and didn’t get an answer. We live in such a fast paced world, that it is easy to have something arise that will cause you to miss work the next day. It is easy to forget to make a phone call or forget a birthday or anniversary. The good news is that our father loves it when he hears us tell the truth instead of saying “the dog ate my homework”

Even if it may cost you that position you want, the apartment or house you love, or the attention of that one person you desire, the truth will never return to bite you back like a bold, outright lie will do. It is easier to keep track of the truth, but remembering which lie you told which person can come back around and bite you when you least expect it to.

The feeling you get inside, the knowledge that you are pleasing God, knowing you don’t have to worry about keeping up with a lie, is well worth the effort to always be honest in everything you do. Don’t let the dog eat your homework.

Be Blessed, Lori


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