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A Slap on the Hands

Author: Lori Carter

Jesus with children 2When I was growing up, discipline was a major factor, not just with my mother, but with all of my foster parents throughout the years. Now-a-days, the children seem to run the home. Spanking is considered child abuse, and when these kids grow up and start hurting people, everyone wants to know why and is sure there is a psychological explanation.

When I was very small, if I touched something I was told not to, I got a smack on the hands. This would continue until I learned to keep my hands off of the things I was told to. As I got older, when I got in trouble, depending on the severity, I would be spanked on the butt and sent to bed. If it wasn’t too severe a crime, I was grounded to my room or had something taken away from me.

I was raised mostly in Foster Homes because of my mother’s nervous breakdown. Some of them were not as pleasant as others and there were bad things that happened to me at a few. I didn’t use my childhood as an excuse to go out and do something wrong to someone else. Wrong was wrong, no matter how you looked at it and there was never an excuse good enough to hurt someone else.

I watch these children throwing tantrums in the store, and mommy picks them up and tries to hug away the temper, or talks to them in a soothing, babying voice. My son never threw temper tantrums in public because he knew there would be a trip to the car or bathroom for a spanking, and he didn’t grow up to become a rapist or murderer.

I get very discouraged when I read headlines about people who purposely hurt others being analyzed by our mental specialists. There always seems to be an underlying problem stemming from their childhood that causes them to act out the way they do.

Come on people. Maybe it is time to realize that taking the punishment out of the parent’s hands is creating the evil adults that murder children, rob stores, rape women or blow up buildings. An excuse like they didn’t get enough attention when they grew up just doesn’t fly.

God didn’t smack the Israelites on the hand. No, in fact, depending on the severity of disobedience, he either killed them, sent plagues on them, caused them to wander in the wilderness or allowed them to become slaves.

It’s time to get back to the smack on the hand, the spanking, the grounding and the other parental forms of punishment. It’s time to raise our children with moral respect for what is right and the proper way to treat others. There won’t be excuses that your children didn’t get enough attention when they were younger.

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