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It is Easter

Author: Lori Carter The word Eastre is said to be an ancient word meaning “spring” while other sources state that Easter came from “Eostre” who was the Goddess of fertility in Saxon culture. The Easter egg is supposed to represent the empty tomb, while the Easter Bunny actually represents fertility since rabbits procreate faster than […]

The Prayer Blanket

Author: Lori Carter It was only two years after I moved from Ohio to Missouri, leaving my son, his wife and my four grandsons behind. I had been actively taking the boys to church for many years but felt I was being moved out of their lives for a reason. After a year here I […]

In Search of “Me”

Author: Lori Carter Who am I? I mean, really, who am I? Haven’t you ever asked yourself that question? Have you ever sat down, in a quiet place and looked at who you are? What are your hobbies, your likes, dislikes? What motivates you? What irritates you or makes you angry, hurt, remorseful, obstinate or […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Author: Lori Carter I am not religious. I am spiritual. I believe in God the Father, Jesus his son, and the Holy Spirit. Many religions and denominations have become legalities, money making businesses whose only concern is to expand their church to increase their profits. They set rules and regulations their members are to follow, […]

Invisible Scars

Originally posted on “Positive Mornings” 9/23/2011 Author: Lori Carter Have you ever watched to see how long it takes a cut, abrasion or injury to heal? Minor injuries usually heal in a matter of days, major ones can takes weeks, months and years depending on the severity. Invisible scars are the ones that you cannot […]

Trusting in Someone We Cannot See

Originally posted on ”Positive Mornings” on 9/21/2011 Author: Lori Carter We live in a very materialistic world. Many people, especially those who don’t know Christ find it hard to believe in something or someone they cannot see. When I was younger, even though I did have some introduction to what Jesus was about, I was […]

Of Past Mistakes

Author: Lori Carter Originally Published on Positive Mornings 9/14/2011 Note: I am relocating some articles from Positive Mornings to More of Positive Mornings today.   I awoke this morning thinking about past mistakes I have made in my life. Looking back, naivety was one of my worst problems when I was younger. I was willing […]