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Of Past Mistakes

Author: Lori Carter

Originally Published on Positive Mornings 9/14/2011

Note: I am relocating some articles from Positive Mornings to More of Positive Mornings today.

The Beauty of God

The Beauty of God


I awoke this morning thinking about past mistakes I have made in my life. Looking back, naivety was one of my worst problems when I was younger. I was willing to believe anyone, no matter who they were or what they said. That part of me got me into some hairy situations, one that lasted 15 years.

I have repented of those mistakes because, at the time I wasn’t saved, and I wasn’t trying to listen for that sometimes, small, but insistent voice of God. Now as I look back, I see all of the, not so smart, things I did, and it was because of my willingness to listen to anyone.

Unfortunately, my parents did not prepare me for the world and the different types of people I would meet. I went out there blind at the age of 17, thinking I knew everything I needed to know to take care of myself. Sadly, I was one of those who were told that by the age of 18 I was expected to be an adult and out on my own.

I can see so many different times that God had his hand on me, saving me from my own stupid mistakes. I thank God for the life experiences that have taught me so much, but at the same time don’t wish my experiences on anyone.

Parents don’t be so eager to push your children from your arms. Teach them, not only of the good that God has for them, but of the evil ways of humans all over the world. Teach them to listen, evaluate, and act on logic. Teach them also to listen to their instincts, it could very well be God talking to them.

Praying for Blessings on all of you, have a wonderful day.


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