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Trusting in Someone We Cannot See

Originally posted on ”Positive Mornings” on 9/21/2011

Author: Lori Carter

sunrise2We live in a very materialistic world. Many people, especially those who don’t know Christ find it hard to believe in something or someone they cannot see. When I was younger, even though I did have some introduction to what Jesus was about, I was one of these people.

I didn’t come to know Jesus until I was in my 40’s, and next year I will celebrate my 60th birthday. I found it totally amazing that in one kneeling at the altar he could forgive a life time of sins.

I still find, at times, that my stubborn attitudes rears its head and tells me I can handle everything myself. Through experience over the last 16-18 years that there are things that only the Lord can take care of. He has shown me so many times.

There have been times when money was needed and there were no resources available to get it. I gave it God, let down my worries and fears and trusted completely that he would take care of. Always the money has shown up, through extra articles, payments owed, or refunds I had forgotten about, but he didn’t.

The same thing has happened several times in health concerns. Too many times the doctors have said they thought I had this disease, or this health problem or this medical malady. Each time, I went before the Lord and thanked him for his healing, and each time all of their tests came back negative.

Now I face this again. This time they are doing a lot of different tests because I was in CCU a couple weeks ago with severe chest pain. They are checking my stomach and intestines, sending me for heart tests, looking at my gall bladder and who knows what else.

But I have peace in my life because I have learned to trust in someone I cannot see. I have learned to put complete faith in the Lord, and when I am able to do this, he has always been on time.

If you don’t know Jesus, there is no time to lose. This world will be ending soon, as we know it, and you need Jesus as your savior to get your ticket into the next one. It’s simple. You don’t have to make a big show of it. You don’t need to go see any special person, like a counselor or pastor. They can’t save you, only Jesus can.

Just kneel next to your bed, and offer up a whole-hearted prayer, asking for his forgiveness, asking him to come live in your heart, and asking him to take over your life.  Don’t wait, there is no time to lose, and I can witness and he promises that you will be amazed.

Note: I am transferring articles from “Positive Mornings” to “More of Positive Mornings. All of the tests that I went through after this article came out fine. The worst they found was a small hiatal hernia and ulcers.

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