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Invisible Scars

Originally posted on “Positive Mornings” 9/23/2011

Author: Lori Carter

mountainHave you ever watched to see how long it takes a cut, abrasion or injury to heal? Minor injuries usually heal in a matter of days, major ones can takes weeks, months and years depending on the severity. Invisible scars are the ones that you cannot see on the outside.  Injuries on the outside normally heal completely. You can look at the scar you got from the cut that had to have stitches. You can rub it, touch it, remember how you got it, but it doesn’t hurt anymore.

Antiseptics, anti-bacterial soaps, ointments, sprays, stitches, Band-Aids all help to heal the outside wounds of the body, but what heals the inside wounds? What heals the broken heart, the soul that has been torn apart by verbal abuse and holds the memories of physical abuse? What can reach in that far and heal those wounds?

Many people spend thousands of dollars going to a therapist, counselor, psychiatrist or psychologist. They will spend equally the same amount in prescription drugs to treat depression, OCD, ADHD, Bi-polar disorders, schizophrenia, PTSD and depression and still feel the same as they did when they started. These people can’t heal you. They can give you suggestions how to continue your life. They can walk you down memory lane, believing that if you relive all the bad experiences, it will help you, and they can listen to you talk for hours about how you felt. They’re paid by the hour, they are paid very well.

They don’t have any personal relationship with their patients. It is all professional, and when they go home they don’t give you another thought until the next session rolls around.

I can see my outward scars. I can see them in the mirror every morning when I wash my face. I can see them when I bath, get dressed or ready for bed. These scars don’t hurt anymore, but I can tell you the circumstances under which each one occurred.

The inside scars don’t hurt anymore either. I might tend to get a little upset when talking about my past, but I try not to let it creep into my everyday life. These scars on my heart and soul will always be there, but they don’t hurt or haunt me like they used to. I found a doctor who has been healing them for years, and he will continue to heal them.

It doesn’t cost me a cent. It doesn’t cost Medicaid, Medicare, or any other insurance one red cent. There are no premiums to pay, no office visits and no prescription drugs. I can talk to this doctor anytime, anywhere, day or night. He is always available at a moment’s notice. All I have to do is say his name or start talking to him, and he will be there.

Jesus is my doctor. He saved me, changed me, provides for me, loves me, heals all my internal scars and pains and heals all the new external and medical problems that arise from time to time. I know I can trust him. I know that I can rely on him. He does everything right. There will never be a misdiagnosis or an error in prescriptions.

He can be your doctor too! He wants to be your doctor, your advisor, your friends, the most important being in your whole life. He promises that he will be there for you, and promises you a bright and new future when it’s time to leave this one behind. Just call on him, he will be there.

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