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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Author: Lori Carter

sunrise-in-the-countryLast week I was Forty-two, kneeling at an altar, accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Today is my birthday and I am sixty-one. The years seem to slip by so fast. I would like to believe that I am a year wiser, that I have acquired a vast amount of knowledge over the last year, but in truth my memory sometimes fails me.

I am blessed. I have frailties, medical conditions and just plain old wear and tear on my body, but I know that I am blessed because it could have, should have been so much worse. I won’t delve into the past too much, but enough to say that there were many times that I wasn’t sure I would last the day, let alone another week.

A lot has changed since those times. I have had my ups and downs, my depression, my happy days and many unpleasant trials during these years, but I have learned many lessons and have seen the hand and power of God on many occasions.

I have found, as I get older that I think a lot about the simpler ways of life. I have a love for nature and find peace in all of its beauty. I find myself going over old events and looking at the lessons I have learned from them. God performed a miracle the day he called me to that altar. It is the simple things I enjoy the most.

Anyway, 61 today and I feel great. I know not what tomorrow will bring, but I hope I have many more years to go. I want to see my great-grandchildren, even maybe great-great grandchildren, but I don’t think the earth will last even that long.

Society and nations around this globe have become cruel, evil, manipulative, murdering and uncaring. A large portion of the human race is out to get what they can, whenever they can, however they can without a care of who they hurt, kill, run over, mutilate or offend on the way. The power struggle is getting out of control and so many innocents will suffer for these atrocities. This is all as it is written, and could indicate that the Lords coming could be soon.

Make today and every day, no matter what, let nothing get in your way, but make it a day that counts, a day you count your blessings, a day you reach out to someone, a day you thank the Lord, a day to remember, for the days of this earth are numbered and we could be here today and gone tomorrow.

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