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Dinner with the Devil

Author: Lori Carter


There is no one perfect except for God. No matter how hard you try you will fail in certain areas. Unfortunately we are human and therefore have our flaws. If God had made us perfect, we wouldn’t have a need for this earth we live on. We would probably just be living with him in heaven. He made us with emotions so we could learn to love him and each other. Often times anger, sorrow, hatred, remorse, bitterness and other emotions creep in. Being a Christian is hard work, every day of your life, but knowing that you can be forgiven for those occasional slips of the tongue or rogue bouts of anger makes it all worth the while, the blessings always out-weigh the bad and undesirable events in our lives.

Just like most people, I am fiercely protective of those friends, family and neighbors that are close to my heart. I am a mother and grandmother and it is just instinctive for me to lash out protectively when someone lashes out wrongly to someone I care about. I usually am very patient and try to approach any kind of conflict with logic, but there are times when that last button is pushed and I lash back.

The Devil, Satan, that evil, old dog thrives on our feelings of anger, sorrow, bitterness and hatred. On the days that we, as Christians, slip in the way we act or talk, Satan has a new main course for the day. He eats up these negative emotions like they were the only food for his survival.

I had two events within a week where my patience and understanding were pushed to the limit, where that last button was pushed and I later had to repent over my words and actions. I don’t like to be angry. I don’t like the way it feels. I don’t like negativity and I strive to find something positive in every day, but on these two days, the devil must have been very hungry.

The first was a phone call from a drinking person, in another state, about a relative of mine, still in a completely different state. Even though I tried to remain calm and logical, asking what they expected to accomplish with the phone call to me, with each sentence, their voice was raising until I felt I had to scream back to be heard. Needless to say, Rich hit the button and hung up the call. I let this person push me into a shouting match.

The second event happened two days later. We have a problem with a neighbor’s dog. This dog doesn’t like Rich. It ran over in the yard as we were leaving for dinner, and instead of just growling and barking, it jumped and bit Rich this time. The bite wasn’t bad, just a nick, no blood, but we went down to talk to the police this time. When we returned from dinner, the husband came across the street in a threatening fashion, but before he could get much said, his wife came shooting across the street screaming at Rich.

It seems that they weren’t concerned about the actions of their pet. They were more concerned that Rich lost his cool when the dog bit him and threatened to kill the dog within hearing distance of their 12 year old. This woman was up in everyone’s face screaming and pointing fingers and before long I found myself screaming back. As I’ve said, I cannot tolerate mistreatment of those I care about and I tend to react in inappropriate ways at times. I am only human.

So, I had another bout of repentance for this day. We are human. We have failures, but we also have a protective instinct for those we care deeply about. Our father, in heaven, feels that way about us, but wants us, in return, to believe in him for all circumstances. If we can’t achieve this we can often find ourselves having dinner with the devil and we are the main course.

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