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When Words Are Not Enough

Author: Lori Carter

Tornado2There are times in our lives when words are not enough. People get sick, get hurt, pass on and we send our prayers and condolences, but what can you sufficiently say that is really going to help them? You can pat them on the back, tell them how sorry you are, stand there, lay hands on them and pray for them, but when you walk away, they are still just right where they were before. Sometimes devastation and grief are so overwhelming, that words are just not enough.

It is during times, like the destruction and death caused by the recent tornado in Oklahoma that words just are not sufficient. Those affected welcome the words of prayer, but it doesn’t replace what they have lost and it doesn’t change the fact that it happened.

It is times like this that I find myself at a loss for words. Maybe it is the will of the Lord that I don’t say too much, because at these times words are not enough. Prayers are needed more than ever before when something like this happens. There are so many deaths and personal losses that can never be replaced.

Events like this draw communities together and the relief effort will be large. There will be those who are able to travel to the stricken area to add physical labor to help out. There are those who have the finances to start collections to send money and needed items to the afflicted left homeless after a super storm like this. Then there are those who don’t have the capability to do either but know that words are not enough.

The silent prayers that are sent heavenward during times like these may be the strongest, loudest ones heard by God, for they are the prayers that truly come from the heart, a heart that understands that words are not enough, a heart that wants to do so much more but cannot. Many people can go through their Facebook pages, commenting and sharing prayer chains, but the private, silent prayers are the ones that may very well touch the heart of God more than any post on a social media site.

Words are not enough, many times in our lives, but the words that are not mentioned out loud may have a stronger effect on the outcome for they are the words that come from the heart. If you are unable to send money, supplies or physically help out when catastrophes like this happen, then you are called to be a silent, prayer warrior whose silent words fill in when words spoken out loud are not enough.

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