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The Power Within Our Will

Author: Richard Carter (Originally published on Positive Mornings 12/4/2012) A hearing was about to take place, a hearing to decide a man’s fitness, his ability to keep his job. The mining board had heard many other cases, those of individuals with personal problems, and those of physical injury like my grandfathers. He had been between […]

A Time That is Past

Author: Lori Carter We’d lie on the grass and look at the clouds, naming off the shapes we could see, like an elephant, a dog, or an angel. We’d throw a blanket over the clothesline and camp out in the back yard. We’d sneak out of our tent and look at the stars, naming off […]

Letter to America

Author: Richard Carter Who would have thought, after the monumental achievements of our country that America could so easily and quickly be brought to the doors of disrepute and near ruin?    What idiocy you say. The entertainment still streams from your devices.  Your cars are not being shelled by any enemy force.  Your money is […]