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A Time That is Past

Author: Lori Carter

cloduy skyWe’d lie on the grass and look at the clouds, naming off the shapes we could see, like an elephant, a dog, or an angel. We’d throw a blanket over the clothesline and camp out in the back yard. We’d sneak out of our tent and look at the stars, naming off the constellations like the big dipper, the little dipper and the Milky Way. Dusk was our curfew and the sidewalks rolled up at night. Most of the town was in bed and asleep well before midnight. Some cities even had an ordinance that all the stores closed at a certain time and no cars were allowed after a certain hour, and the night was peaceful. There were no sirens wailing or gun shots repeating through the peaceful streets.

Neighbors would chat across fence lines while hanging out the clothes. Maybe it was a conversation about the next PTA meeting, the new dog across the street, comparing recipes or what the youngest toddler had just learned to do. It wasn’t unusual for kids to spend the night, or a neighbor to bring over dinner when you were ill. The less fortunate would often find a basket of food, a bag of clothes or a box of toys that mysteriously appeared on the porch overnight.

People respected each other and protected each other. They spoke to each other, they got along with each other, and they helped each other. The lady down the street would trade a dozen eggs for a homemade loaf of bread, or maybe the farmer traded a basket of tomatoes for a mending job. Kids would mow old ladies lawns just because it was the right thing to do. Life went on and all was peaceful.

There was crime, but it was only whispered about and the authorities would take care of the rest. It wasn’t glorified on the news or in the papers. People didn’t want the bad things that occasionally happened advertised all over their town. They just wanted it to go away and continue their lives and were happy if the perpetrators were brought to justice.

So what happened to this peaceful type of life? Some would declare that through science, and inventions we grew, but what actually grew. People started glorifying in the crime they saw. Some decided they wanted that attention, others just decided it was easier to take what you wanted instead of working for it, bartering for it or trading for it, and music told our kids it was a good way of life.

Science started changing our crops, how our food was grown and making it seem like everyone needed to join in, but there would not be any bartering, or trading. Everything would have to be cash. Inventors invented items that were to make our lives, our communication, and our entertainment better and then focused on hypnotizing the general public into believing they had to have it to keep up with the Jones.

Everyone, most everyone became obsessed with their wants, their needs and their own selfish motivations. The more you owned, the richer you were, the more accepted you were, the better you were. People would look up to you, they would be impressed, maybe they would even be scared.

Drug companies developed drugs for every little ache and pain, and psychologists and psychiatrist developed names for every mood you had and told you it was alright to do the things you did because your mind was sick.

We started messing around with our skies, our water, our air and our land; diminishing in great quantities the natural elements around us, all in the hope getting that almighty buck that would buy happiness and prestige in this world. Our skies became cloudy and crisscrossed with chemtrails and spraying all in the name of advancement for our civilization, and new illnesses and diseases started to show up. Cities became overcrowded with people wanting to live in neighborhoods that were nice, but didn’t want the responsibility of keeping them safe and clean, no that was up to the city to do. Many of them had the attitude that everything should be handed to them because they didn’t have the education or the want or the will to work.

Crimes were blamed on race, poverty, upbringing or mental illness. Corporal punishment and God was taken out of schools and children were told that punishment from their parents was abuse. The television, the DVDS, movies, uncensored music, cell phones and the like became the babysitters and teachers of our children, and we accepted it, we did nothing about it.

Curfews were lifted and crime increased and everyone threw up their hands in disbelief. Our government changed from being honest to trying to milk every penny possible in taxes and misusing the monies that were brought in. They persisted in passing laws and bills that made the acts of Sodom and Gomorrah look like child’s play. Same sex marriage, gay rights, Wicca, atheisms and such were all accepted and promoted.

They created laws and rules that accepted other beliefs and religions and protected them, but disregarded Christianity as old, archaic and unimportant. People began to hate their neighbors, either because they had more, they had less, they believed different, or they were another race, or they simply did not like the way they looked, acted or talked.

Minds were poisoned, and are still being poisoned by main stream media that up-plays the bad news, feeding it to the open mouths of the children who watch it, influencing the adults that change needs to take place in order for their world to be right and proper. If anyone ever thinks that mind control does not exist, they need to think again.

The simple life has gone away and without our full efforts on this planet, may never return. Wars are imminent and have been all through time, but when you have to fight a war on your front step out of jealousy, rumors, or invented lies, or because someone decided to instigate one, then it’s time to take a step backward and see what we have actually lost and find a way to bring back the peace, harmony and good will of those days so long ago.

My heart cries out for this country and for all the lives that have been lost, for all the lives that will be affected, by all the lives in the future that are at risk and I long for those simpler times. If each person tries to change, each person chooses each day to something right, something helpful, and something nice, there may still be a chance. Paying it forward could start a new revival that would be strong enough to bring this “new world” to its knees and allow the old values and ideas to return.

God Bless you all

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