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There is Something Positive in Each Day


Author: Lori Carter

I have been very lax the last several months in writing and I apologize for that. Just like any writer, I often get writer’s block. It’s not because God isn’t blessing, it is simply that it is sometimes hard to describe his blessings. Sometimes the blessings are so personal, you don’t feel right sharing them with everyone, and often times they come so quickly you aren’t sure about which ones to write about first. Then there are the times where you have trouble seeing the blessings because your vision is clouded by unhappy events and problems that arise in everyday life.

We all go through difficult times and the last several months have held their challenges, ones that I often thought would not be resolved. Besides an increase in financial burdens, it looked at one time like we might lose our home. Add to that several different medical problems for both of us, prices and costs of groceries, necessities and utilities going up, along with family members going through difficult times. At times it almost seemed like God wasn’t listening.

The last several months, as I have watched the news unfold, I have come to realize that we are truly blessed compared to so many, not just in other countries, but ours as well. The stories of mass shootings, terroristic attacks, school bullying, murders, rapes, racial attacks, biological warfare threats, and so on, not to mention all the rumors about crimes by our government and the threat of World War III are splashed across headline news, although some of main stream media doesn’t post the actual truth, instead trying to draw everyone’s attention to social events instead.

I think it is truly sad that mainstream media outlets would rather post the latest sports scores, social news about celebrities and cutsie animal clips than address the hard cruel facts about the state of our world. While homeless and hungry people abound, not just in third world, war torn countries, but much of America as well, headlines boast that there are more important events like who walked the red carpet at the last awards ceremony.

Between cable television and the internet, the focus is drawn away from what shape the world is really in and focused on the fantasy and dreamlike events that are created to keep us occupied while the world crumbles around us. Video clips of the real state of affairs is are slashed across the internet, that are so horrific, you aren’t sure if they are real or hoaxed.

We are close to the end times. I have no doubt about that and people like myself that look beyond the social news to what is really happening can find themselves worried and depressed over the world their children and grandchildren will inherit in the not so distant future.

Chaos rules the world. Between the threats of war, the financial distress of our nation, the rumors of misgoverning, there are also the continuous crimes, racial wars and tension and the ever changing of laws in our nation that threaten the very morals and principles this nation was built on.

I can’t help but understand how hard it can be to focus on the blessings we do have when so much that is wrong is going on. I have sat and thought about all of this, again not remembering that God is in control and wondered what was going to happen to us.

A little nudging voice reminded me that God was in control. Even though there are so many going through bad times, there is something good that can be drawn out of each day, something that is positive that you can build around.

I often feel it is my duty to be the positive voice that relays this message to others, but feel that I have failed in that area recently. I often find it hard to point out the good things when I can feel the pain and worry of those that are so close to me. One prime example is a relative whose family has been torn apart. The mother took the children to one state as she and the father separated.  Now she is having difficulties with finances and the children’s behavioral patterns while father is as close to being unemployed and homeless as you can get without actually being there.

It is often the problems of others that occupy my mind and bring on that ever used tool of the devils; depression. I have a constant conversation with God throughout the day, and he has reminded me recently, that no matter what the circumstances, he is in control.

While the world is crumbling around you, there are still blessings that come from the lord. Often times it is hard to focus on these with so much going on, but if we take just a little time each morning to thank God for the day, for coming through the night safely, for waking up to the blessings we so often take for granted, such as a roof over your head, the ability to move around, or just the fact that you didn’t expire during the night, then our focus for the day will be a more positive one.

We can’t take care of everyone’s problems. We can’t save the world, but we can walk out each day with the love of the lord, with a positive attitude and maybe be the catalyst for someone else to find something positive in their day.

I don’t know how the end times will be. I don’t know if there will be World War III, a nuclear war, natural disasters or an Alien invasion. What I do know is that our attitude each day, our faith in God can dictate what our strength will be and whether we will survive or help others to survive this life we lead on a daily basis.

Prayer is the most powerful tool there is. Belief falls right in line with prayer. If you pray and believe your prayers will be answered, then all that is left to do is face the day with a smile and be patient while God does what he does best, answer prayer.

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