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The 28 Days of Thanksgiving

Author: Lori Carter

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Every year, since I signed up for Facebook, I see my friends and their friends doing this. When the first of November arrives, they daily post something they are thankful for, all the way up to Thanksgiving Day. I take part in it, for the fun of it, and because I want to share the many different ways that I have been blessed by God.

I have read many of the posts over the last few weeks, and the general consensus shows that most people are thankful for the same things, family, friends, home, relationships, jobs and the like. I have often wondered if they really realize just how special these everyday blessings are.

I know many of them have had to scrimp and save to feed the family, many of them have been homeless, abused, hungry and lonely. I look at some of the faces and see in them the scars of the hard times they have been through, and then I read an article like the one about Oprah being insulted because someone wouldn’t show her a $38,000.00 purse and I think about how ridiculous that is, and yet our internet is more riddled with stories like these instead the true picture of how things are in our own nation.

A country that used to be high on the list for its morals, mercy, giving, love and freedom is now the laughing stock of so many other nations, the butt of their jokes and it makes my heart ache to see how cold, calculating, hard and cruel many people have become.

Many of the successful millionaires have forgotten about their often poor and humble beginnings. They have let the almighty buck go to their head, and even look down with disgust at the same type of people they used to be.

To them, buying the luxurious mansions, having the best cars, eating at the best places and wearing the most expensive jewelry and clothes have become much more important than the moral obligations we have to each other. I have read of so many also, who have given up their wealth to return to the simple life for they truly see that it is harder for a rich man to enter heaven than it is to thread a camel through the eye of a needle.

I am thankful that I was raised poor, for I learned to value the things of God, humanity and nature instead of the almighty buck. I have basically been poor or at least lower middle class since I was born, and it is there that I fully intend to stay. It is much more important to me to be in the grace of God than to have a whole lot of money.

Now saying this, I think the 28 days of Thanksgiving is a truly great idea for it allows others to see the smaller, simpler things that make a difference in their friends and relatives lives, and maybe learn from what they read to be more thankful for their blessings and not just the 28 days before Thanksgiving but the 365 days of the whole year.


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