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Four Wooden Angels

Author: Lori Carter

wooden angleThey sat on the shelf at the antique mall. I passed by them a few times, picked them up, looked at them, and then put them back. As we walked around looking at the other items for sale, I found my mind wandering back to the four wooden angels. Someone had taken the time to cut them out, draw out each angle, and hook them together with hinges so they would sit accordion style on a table, dresser or shelf somewhere.

Each angel was different, with the hairstyle changed and the gowns with different decorations. One had scallops along the edge, another with little holly leaves, one with flowers and one with no trim at all. Each one held something different in their hands. One held a candle, another a wreath, while one held holly leaves, and the fourth a string of bells.

Finally, before we left, I went back and grabbed the four wooden angels. I didn’t know what I would do with them, but I knew they would be a gift of special meaning to someone this Christmas.

For several weeks I would go back and pick up these wooden angels and look at them. I had already decided they would go to my older sister in Arizona, but I wanted to do something with them first. I thought about painting in the details but decided I my hands weren’t steady enough to do it right. I thought about coating or spraying them with clear lacquer but decided it would take away from the plain wood color that made them so unique

There were four of girls in the family, Dee, me, Cindy and Francis. Francis unfortunately met with an untimely death back in the 80’s. She was murdered in her home and her murder was never found. I thought about writing our names across the bottom, in order of age, one for each sister, but for some reason it didn’t feel like what I was supposed to do.

If the finances work out right, I tried to send something to Dee, Cindy and all the grandchildren. It has been the habit of us sisters to find unique items for each other, when we can afford it, for birthday presents or Christmas gifts. Some years we find some really unique items and others we just send prayers and love.

I like to send out gifts, if it is a year for giving, long before the last minute rush and that time was drawing close so I had to make a decision. I woke up one the 5th of December with the idea that I shouldn’t paint the angels, but leave them simple and write the four names of Dee’s granddaughters on them.

This I did with a black felt pen. I also took the pen and outlined the details of each angel so that they were very clear, and then I packed them up with the other little things I had found that I thought my sister would like.

Now Dee has been going through very tough trials the last few years. Along with her medications becoming more expensive, she has been dealing with severe depression. I sent a letter telling her that we hoped something in this box would help to cheer her up a little.

She called yesterday. She received the box and was delighted with everything in it. She thanked us profoundly for all the little items that we knew she would like and exclaimed that the wooden angels were the best. She now has a goal in mind. She plans on painting them herself and displaying them all year around to show others how much she loves her granddaughters and to remind her of some of the blessings she does have. I haven’t heard her talk this positive in years. She claims that they are responsible for giving her “the Christmas Spirit” that she wasn’t feeling yet this year.

I tell you this story for a very special reason. The Lord speaks to us in many different ways. The Holy Spirit that he sent as our helper can be very forceful in our lives, allowing us to see things clearly, or it can be as simple as an instinct to do or say something to a chosen individual at just the right time.

I do believe that these four wooden angels were just what my sister needed to bring some joy back into her life. I was meant to buy them and send them to her, and that was why I was sent back several times to look at them.

Do you feel a nudging at times to do something special for someone, to send out a little note or make a certain call? Do you feel and instinct to visit someone, or to buy a certain thing for a person you haven’t seen for a while? Follow your instincts, your inclinations, those nudges that say “call this person, write this person, drop a little something for this other one”.

It is often the smaller things we do to show we care for someone, to show we love someone, to show we haven’t forgotten someone that will make all the difference in their day, their week, and possibly their life. God works through us, sometimes without our knowledge until he has exacted his will.

If you feel those nudging or feel an instinct to do something, remember that it is often the Holy Spirit moving you to do something for someone else that may make all the difference in the world to them.


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