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It is “Christmas” Not “Happy Holidays”

Author: Lori Carter


There are times when I will awake with an article in my mind. Usually it is something that I feel needs to be said and I believe that many of these times I am being directed by God. Often times I let the article bounce around in my mind for several hours before I start writing and this can sometimes be a problem. If I don’t sit down and take some notes and allow it to keep circulating through my mind, I will come up with at least a dozen different ways to write it. This often stops me from writing the article that very day and my notes will sit for a while until I can sort them out or I will end up writing a small novel instead of an article.

I research a lot of things. Research is what I did at my last job, the longest lasting job I had and I consider myself pretty good at. I browse the news on yahoo and check it out periodically during the day along with my regular visits to Facebook. I look for odd stories and events that don’t make the headlines but are listed or shared separately. I find a lot of articles buried in out of way places that, if true, are very upsetting. I also notice trends in certain subjects and one that has bothered me for a while is the way that many Christians, at least a lot who claim to be Christians, cow tow to idea of being politically correct.

Political correctness is just another fancy phrase for saying you want to avoid conflict of any kind. It is saying that you will make statements or perform actions that are contrary to your beliefs just to make others content or to avoid arguments. If you are a true Christian you cannot be politically correct. It seems that it is alright for Gay rights groups to hold protests, the Church of Satan to erect a monument close to the ten commandments, and public schools to change their structures to add prayer area for Muslim children, but if Christian children form a prayer group, the get suspended?

Turning the other cheek does not mean to turn a blind eye or a deaf ear. It means if you are to avoid acting back to an aggressor in a violent fashion. It means that you take an insult or an attack without retaliation, but you also have the right to protect yourself if it comes to the infliction of bodily harm. If someone slanders you, calls you a name, insults you, you should consider the source and ignore it. If someone physically attacks you or your family, you should be all means thwart that attack.

Jesus wants us to stand up for our faith, no matter what; Matthew 10:33; But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.” This applies to different religious observances just as much as it does in everyday life.

It really irks me when I hear someone who claims to be a Christian saying “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”. A holiday is simply a day or combination of days that you are exempt from work. This can include legal holidays, vacation time, religious holidays or just personal time off, so if you are wishing someone Happy Holidays, you are simply saying “happy time off”.

Christmas is Christ’s birthday. Although the actual day is incorrect, it is the day, which has been set aside for many generations to celebrate the day that Jesus was born. Christians, world-wide, have celebrated this day for few thousand years.

Think about it. You don’t hear Jewish people running around saying “Happy Holidays” on Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur and you don’t hear Muslims shouting “Happy Holidays” during Eid Ul-Fitr or Eid Ul-Adha, so why is it politically correct to say “Happy Holidays” instead of Merry Christmas on Christ’s Birthday?

If you are going to be a Christian, be a real Christian. Take Christ with you when you walk out those church doors on Sunday. Show his teachings in your everyday life. Don’t whisper his name for fear of insulting someone. Don’t hide the fact that you pray. Love everyone just as Jesus and the father loves us and pray for those who don’t understand.

I have made a variety of friends on Facebook due to some strange events in my life. Many of them are Christian friends from the churches I have attended in my life. Some believe they are spiritualists and some believe they are psychic. A few  actually believe we come from Aliens and the rest aren’t sure what they believe, but not one of them, Christian or other has ever disrespected me for speaking what I believe and more of the non-Christians act like Christians than some of the Christians do.

It is “Christmas” not “Happy Holidays”


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