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I Have Not Lived My Life in Vain

Author: Lori Carter

pruple fieldWhen I first became a Christian, I started to see things in a different light. Everything seemed brand new. I would observe the “seasoned” Christians and ministers at the church. They all seemed so devoted in what they did that it inspired me to want to serve also. I would do whatever I was asked, including being bus captain for a few years. Often, when no one from the church could drive me, I would get out on Saturdays and walk my route to see who needed to be picked up on Sunday. I still felt, however, that I wasn’t doing enough.

It took several years for me to learn that God doesn’t call everyone to be a teacher, minister or praise warrior. Each person is born with certain gifts and everyone is used for his purpose, sometimes unknowingly, regardless of their education, job, medical or physical status.

As I have gotten older, have become disabled, I cannot do the physical things I once did, but I realize that no matter what shape I am in, God can still use me for his purpose. In my daily readings I ran across the following paragraphs and I think that this sums it up for many of us. Even in the small things, God is ever present and can make use of people from all walks and circumstances of life. Everyone, no matter who they are, can make a difference.

If I can throw a single ray of light across the darkened pathway of another;

If I can aid some soul to clearer sight of life and duty, and thus bless my brother,

If I can wipe from any human cheek a tear,

I shall not have lived my life in vain while here.

If I can guide some erring one to truth, inspire within his heart of duty;

If I can plant within my soul of rosy light youth a sense of right, a love of truth and beauty;

If I can teach one man that God and heaven are near,

I shall not then have lived in vain while here.

If from my mind I banish doubt and fear, and keep my life attuned to love and kindness;

If I can scatter light and hope and cheer, and help remove the curse of mental blindness;

If I can make more joy, more hope, less pain,

I shall not have lived and loved in vain.”

If by life’s roadside I can plant a tree, beneath whose shade some wearied head may rest,

Though I may never share its beauty, I shall yet be truly blest –

Though no one knows my name,

Nor drops a flower upon my grave,

I shall not have lived in vain while here.”

(Anonymous)From God’s Little Devotional Book Published by Honor Books 1995, Tulsa, Oklahoma

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