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The Whisperers

Author: Lori Carter

Any Christian will be the first person to tell you that God has a plan for everyone. Each of us were put here for a reason, and no matter what decisions we make along that long highway of life, he will work the circumstances around until we are where he wants us to be, when he wants us there, doing what he has planned for us to do.

We make wrong choices as we grow up, get older, and go out on our own, but a forgiving God understands and uses many ways to get us back on the right path. He may allow us to suffer the consequences of those wrong decisions for a period, but when the time is right he will move us on to where he wants us.

There is no guarantee that you will be told or shown what God’s purpose for you is. He doesn’t blatantly come out and say I want you to go see this person, at this address, on this date, twenty years from now to give them a message from me they need to hear.

Through the urgings of the Holy Spirit, he moves to do and say certain things. Some people feel the tugging in their hearts to be ministers and preachers of Gods words. Other may find that they are tugged in different directions, and it may, in fact be that they are chosen to complete several of God’s plans.

Some people are called into the ministry; others are chosen to be teachers, others mothers, supportive wives/spouses, while still others are behind the scenes in the role of servitude. You can wear many hats during your life, depending on what God’s will is. You might be a prayer warrior, a children’s leader, a choir director, soloist or musician. Maybe you will become a great farmer that is able to share his over abundances with the hungry or a great surgeon saving many lives.

But there is still another group that you don’t hear too much about, and they don’t even know they are being used of God. They are the compassionate, loving and caring whisperers, the ones who lay a gentle hand on your back at the alter and whisper “I am here for you”, “Jesus Loves You”, “I want to help”, and “I feel your pain”, and then there is the greatest whisperer of them all who whispers gently in your ear “My child, I’m here with you and I’ve got this, you don’t need to struggle with it anymore”.

One comment on “The Whisperers

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