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Are You a Part Time Christian?

Author: Lori Carter
Jesus with children 2
It sounds like a loaded question, doesn’t it? Are you are part time Christian? Do you welcome Jesus into your life every day, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, all year long or is it just on Sundays that you allow him a couple hours of your time? Do you take him to school, to work, to the library, to your friend’s houses or everywhere else you go or are your schedule too busy? Do you continuously show his love, mercy, grace, kindness, and forgiveness throughout the day?

When I first came to Jesus and turned my life over to him, I carried a lot of baggage to the altar. Besides being bounced around in foster homes for most of my childhood, sexually assaulted in one, I had just gotten out of a fifteen year, physically and mentally abusive relationship. It was one that I had lost all hope of surviving.
I came with a broken heart and many scars, physically and mentally. I came, yearning to know, wanting to learn, wanting to know what Jesus was all about. I was hungry, hungry for the right kind of life, the love of my fellow Christians, and willing to show the new found love of Jesus to all that I met.

Although the bad part is in the past, scars have faded and the nightmares only occur once in a while, I have a constant reminder of those days. I suffer from chronic migraines that will be with me all the rest of my life because of the injuries received to my head during that time.

I can deal with that. We all end up suffering something during our lives that is the result of our own mistakes, and this is mine for getting involved with the wrong kind of person. I deal with it. I live with it and it is just part of my life.

But, there was a time when I still felt out in the cold, all alone. It was in the early part of my new life as a Christian. It was during the time I was reaching out, wanting to learn, wanting to change. The church I was saved at seemed to have so many wonderful people who seemed to really care about where I came from, what I had come through. I remember several elderly ladies who approached me after I was saved and gave me their phone numbers. They told me I could call and talk to them anytime.

I needed people to talk to. I had a lot I wanted to talk about. I had a lot I needed to learn, so I started reaching out to these people. I soon found out what part time Christians are all about. It seemed that when I would call, they would talk for a very few minutes and then get off the phone. I could tell by the tone of their voice, by the way they sighed and seemed so distant, that they were not really interested in talking to me.

I remember running into some of the people at stores or on the street and would try to say hi, strike up a conversation, and they would shun me, move away quickly, and act like they didn’t know me. Part time Christians.

I think I can understand some of their hesitation now, years later. They gave me their numbers because they thought it was the right thing to do, but didn’t expect me to call and when I did, they either didn’t know what to say, were afraid they might say the wrong thing, or just really didn’t want to be bothered.

Are you a part-time Christian? If you allow Jesus in every minute of your life, if you live the way he says, if you love others as he instructs us to do, then you are a full time Christian. If you take him with you everywhere you go, you are a full time Christian.

Now step back for a minute and think; is there possible someone that is reaching out to you today? Maybe there is someone at work, at school, at the library, or the store, or even on one of the Social media sites like Facebook.

If there is, are you willing to be within their reach or are you afraid that you aren’t qualified to reach back the right way, not sure what to say or do?

God can use anyone to reach someone. You don’t have to be a preacher, teacher, professor or counselor to reach out. If someone is reaching out to you today, rely on your knowledge, rely on logic, rely on biblical principles, and most importantly rely on God.

There have been several times in my life, where someone has come and thanked me for what I said to them at a time when they needed to hear something, and embarrassingly enough, I wouldn’t remember a single word I said. I truly believe those are the times that God has given me the words to say.

Of all the pain I have had in my life, of all the scars that I bear, the ones left there by part time Christians by far still hurt the worse. Don’t be a part time Christian. Reach back to those who are reaching out to you.

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