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Take a Deep Breath, Step Back, Slow Down and Heal

Author: Lori Carter

Old Town, Missouri

Old Town, Missouri

Our attitude, the way we handle everyday life says so much about who we are as Christians, what our relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost is. Just by the way we act, the way we live; the way we talk is an example to people. If you wake up in the morning already predisposed to negativity, it is hard to look out and see the positive.

Everyone has been through their own personal hell and many have survived because of the attitude they take each day upon opening their eyes from their nights slumber. If you can wake up in the morning with a thankful attitude for just being able to see another day, you have already started your day in a positive way.

Many people go through life blaming everything bad that happens to them on God. A whole lot of them believe they must have committed some horrible sin, or a bunch of them, that they are going to be punished for the rest of their lives for it. I truly believed this for many years, during a dark time in my life. This is never true. God is not a punishing God. Even though he allows us to reap what we sow, often allowing us to go through trial, tribulations, loss, sorrow, and illness, he does not inflict it on us. Everything bad, everything that is evil is of the Devil

Take, for example, the plight of Job. He had no idea that what was happening to him was kind of a bet between God and the Devil. He had no idea he was a pawn in the scheme of the Devil to try and prove God wrong about the upstanding nature and faithfulness of Job. No, Job accepted what was happening, assumed it was his own fault that he was being afflicted. He thought it because of some sin he might have committed in his mind, or unknowingly did physically, that he deserved what was happening to him, but continued to praise God through all of it.

I have heard it preached many a time, that, when God is getting ready to move in your life, Satan will attack with everything within his power. Illness, depression, loss of loved ones, financial distress, dissension among friends and relatives, just about any tool he can use against you, he will use.

This world has become such a busy hub of activity. From morning to bedtime, most people, whether working, home, retired, or disabled, seem to have every minute of the day filled with some kind of activity. Getting ready for work, sending the kids off to school, paying bills, running your own business, attending soccer practice, night school, dance lessons, going to baseball games, basketball games, and church activities, it is a surprise that the majority of the population isn’t on some kind of antidepressants or anti-anxiety medicines, oh wait, many of them are.

Through the media, large businesses establishments, medical research technicians, public relations experts, word of mouth, enticing displays at stores, and pushes by medical experts and pharmaceutical companies, the average family spends many thousands of dollars a year keeping up with the Jones, running around to every activity they are told they should be involved in, and imbibing in any medication a doctor suggests.

We are constantly being diverted and dumbed down to the very existence and involvement of God in our lives. There are great plans in the works everyday to draw our attention away from what should be most important to us. Sometimes God will allow something to happen to wake some of us up. This is a recent occurrence with me.

I was always on the go until I became disabled. I ran around, trying to accomplish perfection in everything I did. When the multitude of problems began to accumulate and I had to apply for disability, I had to make some major life adjustments. I had to back down from trying to solve everyone’s problems accept my own. I had to slow down, and do some self-evaluations and take a good look at the way I prioritize the things in my life. I had to accept the fact that my life had changed, even without my willing participation.

Even though I backed off from a lot of the things I did, I still often end up running a lot during the month. Between doctor’s visits, Rich’s infusions every 48 hours, the occasional ER visit, and trips to Mom’s to make sure she is alright, we can’t forget the many trips to the store to resupply the cabinets or pick up prescriptions or get something we might have forgotten on the last trip.

I like to believe that we can control a lot of our health through natural medicine. We strive to eat healthy, be proactive in preventative measures and such. I can sometimes get into my OCD mode with house cleaning, which can take several days due to my limitations, but I strive to live right, keep a positive attitude, show the Lords love and pray a lot, really a lot.

Recently I had a setback I hadn’t planned on. I get a little too gung-ho, to quickly at times. On the 28th of May it had rained, and then Sam came and mowed, so I decided we had to get out there to sweep up right away. The new-mown grass can get in Rich’s throat and cause a major attack, so I thought I was being smart by trying to get it cleaned up right away.

I awoke the next day, after sweeping and pulling up dandelions, with a rash all over my arms. After three visits to the ER, a diagnose of an allergic reaction to something, reactions to the medicines they prescribed, I have realized that maybe God is giving me a gentle push, telling me to slow down a little, not everything is an emergency, not everything needs to be done immediately.

So while these medicines make me feel worse, make me shaky, sleepy and edgy all at the same time, I still send up prayers of thanksgiving each day that the rash is lessened, each day that I awake again to see the sun shine, smell the fresh air, and am able to get out of bed and begin my day. I thank God that these medicines will not be a lifestyle for me, but are temporary. So now I will take a deep breath, step back, slow down and heal.

Do I think God is getting ready to move in my life? That is always a possibility. Do I feel like I am being punished for some unforgotten sin that I forgot to repent of or make right? Absolutely not, for I know my father loves and cares for me and that all bad and evil comes from Satan.


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