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The 4th of July: I Still Love America

Author: Lori Carter

american flagThis is the day we celebrate our Independence, the day that our forefathers accepted and signed the paper that claimed our independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain (now known as the United Kingdom). It has been celebrated every year since 1776 on July 4th.

Through the years it has been full of speeches, special presentations and ceremonies, BBQ’s, picnics, family gatherings, and plenty of fireworks. Families got together to celebrate living in a country where they had the freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to bear arms, freedom to own their own land and create their own life, and to vote on their own laws.

I’ve watched over the years and it seems so much has changed in our country. We are involved in so many wars, trying to help other countries that we seem to be blind to the many wars that are going on right here on our home land. Freedom of speech doesn’t really exist anymore, for many are finding that when they talk about what they believe in, what they were raised to believe in, they are called bigots, racists, narrow minded, hypocrites, cultists, and so many other cruel labels.

At the other end of the spectrum, you have the groups of people screaming for their rights yet at the same time want to do away with the rights of others. Let’s take prayer and the pledge of allegiance out of the schools but designate one room for Muslim children to pray in and install foot baths for them. Let’s take down the Ten Commandments off public buildings but let us put up statues from a satanic cult. It is a full scale assault on our society.

People are afraid to give an honest opinion, afraid they will be sued, they will be publicly embarrassed in the news or on social media sites, and afraid they will become the victims of misdirected violence. Some are afraid they will be the subject of investigations and invasion of privacy if they voice their honest opinions about their local, county, state or federal governments.

People are attacked because of their race, their religion, their politics, their sexuality, there position in the community, or just because others don’t have anything better to do. Most are afraid to leave their homes unprotected, afraid to walk to their cars in many neighborhoods, especially after dark, afraid to talk to their neighbors or say hi to someone on the street.

I’ve watched the country that I was taught to respect, to love, consistently go down the drain and it breaks my heart that special days like Independence days are now just a time for more violence, for getting drugged up or drunk and abusing your fellow human. I am sad that so many people are silenced because they fear the end result of their honesty will be detrimental to them and their families.

Where have the communities gone that used to pull together, work together to make their neighborhood better and safer. Where are the neighbors who got along, had fun together on holidays like this instead of taking each other to court, making complaints or making noise to irritate their neighbor to get even for some argument or disagreement that was had?

Where are the people who were proud to live in America, that were proud to be called Americans, that were proud to help in their community, were proud to cast their votes because they believed in their government and believed in the American way?

It is such a shame, that a great country like this is quickly becoming the laughing stock of the world. How can we even attempt to help other countries when we seem to have forgotten about our own? Many people won’t even celebrate Independence Day or any other national holidays for fear of being harassed, injured or even killed when going to a special event.

I long for the America I grew up with, where people helped each other, people were kind and caring, and people cared about America, about here laws, her cities and towns, her promised freedom from oppression and her reputation. I long for the free America, where violence wasn’t tolerated and honest people could voice their opinion without fear of retaliation. I long for the America where everyone respected the rights of others, where everyone strove to get along with others, where everyone worked to make this America a greater country.

So while you are partying on this Fourth of July, remember what America used to be, what she could be, what she should be. Remember when you take that drink, eat that BBQ, go out on that boat to watch those fireworks, remember that all of this is possible because you do live in America, and be proud of your country, and even more importantly, find a way to work to make America the Icon of Freedom and Inspiration she used to be. If everyone did just one little thing to help America get back to where she used to be, it wouldn’t take long for her to be the great country she once was. I still love America and want to see her healed. We all need to pray for America.

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