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How Often do You Listen to Your Conscience?

Author:  Lori Carter

One of our friendliest Neighbors

One of our friendliest Neighbors

Conscience is God’s built-in warning system. Be very happy when it hurts you; be very worried when it doesn’t. Acts 24:16 and herein do I exercise myself, to have always a conscience void of offence toward God, and toward me. (God’s Little Devotional Book – Honor Books 1995)

How often do you listen to your conscience? Many believe just as I do that the conscience is one way that the Holy Spirit, the helper Jesus sent us, talks to you. That little voice that nips at us in the back of our minds, that says don’t say this, don’t do that can often be ignore when we are hurt or angry. It is very easy to choose the negative feelings over the voice that tries to direct us to the right thing. It is very easy to choose what we think will make us happy, even if it is temporary and against the word of God.

I can well remember, not just before I was a Christian, but even today, times that I wanted to say something or do something because I was hurt, upset or angry. More often in the past, I would ignore that little voice and burst out with a tirade of insulting or threatening words when someone accidentally or on purpose, upset my applecart.

We often hear about how we are to learn lessons from our past and one that I learned during my years of abuse was to hold my tongue. When I look back now, I see how that learning actually helps me today in my efforts to live and be what Christ wants me to be. That lesson from the past has taught me a lot about holding my tongue when I am hurt or angry.

Although there is a lot in my past that was hurtful, I thank God for the lessons I have come out of it with. It is not easy to watch the tongue when we are angry or hurt. It is a natural instinct to lash back, it is a natural instinct to be defensive, but if we practice listening to that little voice that tells us to wait before we speak, or offers us a different solution, if we wait before we act, look at the event or reason we are so upset, before we speak or act, we would be able to see that our conscience is working on our behalf.

How many times, when you were younger, did you start to do something that you felt in your heart and mind was wrong, but you did it anyway? Not one of us can claim to have been a perfect child, teen or adult. Even then it was our conscience that was speaking to us. Do you remember the results of ignoring that conscience? Maybe you were grounded, spanked or some other punishment was dished out, or maybe you even regretted what you said or did, but couldn’t mend it with just a “sorry”.

That still, small voice that often comes into our heads and says “think about what you are planning to do, think about what you are planning to say” is with us for all of our lives and we need to practice listening to it. The consequences of listening to your conscience can make the difference between living a peaceful, God filled life full of love or a lonely one, alienated from all other, living an isolated and dread filled life.



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