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Being a True Christian

Author: Lori Carter


Many arguments continue about the validity of the bible. I have even read opinions that state if you don’t accept the bible as being “wholly God’s word” you cannot classify yourself as a Christian. I don’t agree with this statement.

The bible holds many writings that have been passed down since the beginning of time. To say all of it is exact would be in error, since it has never all been put together in one source. The bible that we read today has many books and writings that were left out. If you read through the history of the first churches you can see where they changed doctrine to fit what they wanted or needed at the time.

Many Hebrew and Jewish writings and books were left out because they were not considered Christians, however they did/do believe in God and their earlier writings, before the time of Jesus should all be included. It is just part of history.

My honest opinion is that since the books of the bible were gathered together, read, edited and combined by “men”, there is room for errors, inclusions and exclusions. For those who don’t quite understand this, there were many different bibles written by scholars, popes and other theologians before the King James Version was finally determined to be the most accurate.

If we are to believe that our God is the one and only true God then we have to believe that he is really omnipotent, omnipresent, Omni-everything. We have to open our minds that a being this great would have made many different creations, of which we are just one. Don’t believe it? Then just take a look at the Universe.

There is great information to live by in the bible. If you read it through, you will also see that from time to time God changed his mind. This is his right as our God, but can you just imagine him sitting in heaven, looking down on his children and wondering when we are going to wake up to just how great and awesome he is?

During my years as a Pentecostal Christian I have noticed a difference, even among the preachers of this denomination, in the interpretation of God’s word and in the stated belief system common to this church. I have observed changes in doctrine every few years in some of them. When I first started the one Church, they believed that only members of their church would make it to heaven. That line of thinking has since then changed.

I believe that as long as you live the way God intended, act the way he has directed, believe on his son Jesus and basically follow the Ten Commandments as set forth, you are a Christian, no matter what others may think. As long as you avoid the elements that you know are wrong, repent of your sins, show the love of the lord and pray, then you are a Christian.as

I think this a verse that many Churches need to remember “Mathew 7:5 :Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye”. I think this says a lot about many of the churches today and their need to judge others.

Share what you know to be true, pray for those you are convinced are following the wrong path, and live as you believe God intended. He only asks that we are faithful, believe in him and follow his commandments. How much simpler can it be?

Over the centuries, all the different denominations have made it difficult to choose what to believe. Follow your heart, your conscience and take from your own experiences where you have seen God work and forget all the rules, laws, and rituals that mainline churches incorporate into their teachings, after all, if your read the history of the “Church”, you clearly see that early on, rules, laws and teachings were changed to fit their wants and needs.

It is a Glorious day in the Lord, Be Blessed, Lori
This article was originally published 7/15/2012 on my old blog page “positive mornings”. I have added and corrected a few things on it.

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