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America: Down the Path of Destruction

american flagAuthor: Lori Carter

Everyone wants to know what has happened to our country! Why are there so many violent episodes, so much crime, and so much poverty? Why in this country, “The Land of the Free”, are we seeing so much civil strife, riots, sexual perversion, murder, robberies, rapes and abductions?

Why does it seem like everyone is against their neighbor, everyone is in dissension with someone, some group, or some organization. What happened to the “good old American Apple Pie Days”? Why are we suffering so many violent changes in this country, the country that only a few decades ago was looked up to by all the rest of the world?

Take a trip back to biblical times and look at what happened in the bible. First, realize that these people never had any of the advantages we had. They were nomadic at the beginning and traveled from place to place. Look at the trip that Moses’ group made. They wandered around for forty years before being allowed into the land God had given them. Until that time, they wandered around with their flocks and families and all their worldly possessions.

They would stop in different seasons in different areas to grow and harvest certain crops. They never settled in one place until much later, after they entered the Promised Land and even then lived in mud or stone huts with thatched roofs, often living in squalor as they had no plumbing and their animals often live in the same shelter the people used.

Even then, the bible tells us there were wars where God instructed his people to completely annihilate whole cities and villages, man, woman and child. In some cases he instructed them to kill all the animals and burn the structures to the ground. Yes, there is violence mentioned in the bible, but it was Gods judgment against those tribes, those people who had fallen away from him to idolatry.

They didn’t have any automated modes of transportation. They didn’t even have horses and wagons.. They didn’t have any of the conveniences that we consider normal, like running water, electricity, phones, or television. But, they felt that they were blessed of God, as long as they obeyed his laws.

When they adhered to his commandments on how to live, how to think, how to act and worshiped only him, they were blessed beyond measure. He gave them land, he increased their crops, he enlarged their flocks and he allowed them large families and long lives. It was not unusual for many people to live to be 600, 700, or even up to 900 years old.

What happened when the people didn’t obey? God took away their blessings, their riches and even their freedom and sometimes their lives. He allowed them to be taken over by other tribes, other civilizations, other governments. He allowed them to be enslaved and forced to follow the rules that others set forth. He sent his angels to destroy some of the very towns that were absorbed in sin. At one time he was so angry, that he destroyed all but a select few of humanity.

When his people turned back to him, he would restore them, most often with more than they had before, but once they strayed again, they would be punished and each time the punishment might be harsher and longer. This is what happened when the people were forced into slavery for generations.

We have life so much easier. We have better shelter, easier modes of transportation and just about every convenience you think of. We have trained doctors and nurses, emergency personnel and the drugs and medications to fight almost any malady, injury or disease. We have services and organizations set in place to help those that need it, just for the asking.

We were a country that everyone envied. We had a strong economy. We were protected and we were rich. But, back then we also adhered mainly to the teachings of the bible. When the pledge of allegiance was said in the morning in class, a prayer usually followed. We were taught good, moral rules to live by in school as well as at home.

Neighbors watched out for each others kids. Neighbors talked to each other and didn’t envy what the other might have. People worked hard for what they wanted, and as long as they were honest, upright individuals, they usually attained their goals, and the Ten Commandments were posted in or on most governmental buildings.

Sure, we had some poor, mostly children and widows, but each community had services, benefits, churches and the like that helped them live. We also had some poor that were transients from one area to another, but only because they chose to live that way, but nothing like the poverty and homeless we have now.

So what happened to us? Well, some people decided they wanted things their way and pushed for what they considered their rights, and the majority of the Christians accepted or turned a blind eye. By misinterpreting the Constitution and the Bill of rights, people were able to convince others they were right. They were able to appeal to the sympathy of different types and get just about any reform pushed through that wanted.

Our country is such a mess because there are so many people that have turned away from God. To a lot of the population, the Ten Commandments no longer mean a thing. Many people worship the goods we can buy or receive from others and it never seems to be enough. They want to be rich, but they want to be famous also. They want everything their own way and will do almost anything they can to get it.

When this country was founded and we made claim to freedom of religion, our forefathers meant it was the Freedom to worship Christ the way you wanted and not the way the Church dictated. Our forefathers were people who had gotten tired of the “rules and laws and rituals” that the church was forcing on them. Although we opened our country to others that were oppressed  or had different beliefs, we in no way gave them the right to change the basic principles that we were founded on.

Our laws have changed to allow just about anything, even when it is against everything the bible has stood for. Gay rights, unpunished criminals, catering to other religions, changing our buildings and rules to accommodate these other religions while ousting the ones who still hold to the Christian faith, teaching our children about other religions but not allowing them to have bibles in school are just a few hair raising changes.

Parents allowing children to walk around showing off their bodies, allowing children to act like adults, using electronics like DVD players, i Pads, computers, cell phones and the like as babysitters, not enforcing the principle of respect with them, and doing away with disciplinary measures are just some of the other problems we have.

Remember how god punished the Israelites every time they turned away from him? They lost all that they had and were oppressed by other governments?  Remember how Rome fell, how Jerusalem was taken over? Remember what God did in Egypt because Pharaoh wouldn’t let his people go?

Maybe what we are experiencing in this country, at this time is just the beginning of the wrath of God. We all need to get back to the Christian ideals, the commandments given us by God; the teachings of Jesus, then just maybe our country can be healed.

If we quite catering to every Tom, Dick or Harry that comes from another country or doesn’t like our laws, if we lay our rules out there and commit to keeping them, if we stand up for our rights and not allow others to be trampling them, then maybe our country can be healed.

If we quite catering to everyone who cries “Injustice” without proving it, if we arrest anyone who starts a riot or leads in a violent event and the let the law take its course, then maybe our country can be healed. If we stood up against other religions on our rights, and didn’t make compensations that were unfair to Christians, then maybe our country’s wounds would heal.

If we banded together in Unity, “Under God” against terrorism threats and attacks from other countries and reinforce our military establishments and our border, then maybe we can hold our heads up high once again and say “We Are America” and we will no longer put up with aggression from inside our country or outside it.

If we went back to the Ten Commandments, put prayer back in school, started disciplining our children again, took back the rights that educators think they have on what they teach our children, start re-teaching our children the concept of respect and love, take away all the unnecessary things that draw our attention and theirs from God, then maybe we can be the true “America” again.

Praying for America

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