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The Reversal of Our World

Author: Richard Carter

Hands holding the worldI was lying on the bed after my shower looking absently at the ceiling, and for some reason remembered when I was a kid, how I used to lie on the floor and study the ceiling and the place where the walls met it. I imagined it was the floor instead. Having to step up to go through doorways, walking around the blades of the ceiling fan, and light fixtures, an interesting world reversed. And then I couldn’t help but think about the reversal our world is experiencing.

The change I speak of is a reversal of what we have come to consider basic logic, social expectations: the stuff that once was the heart of our grade school educations. How can a country, a people reject a status-quo, a reasoning that safely served as the foundation for that countries growth? Well, they can decide as a group on change. They can also be forced through extortion and the manipulation of other laws to concede to an insistent, aggressive party, or very easily a country can, in its own way, go mad. (A silly proposition?)

Maybe not so much. If you were viewing our situation from the outside, as an unbiased viewer, making your decision only on the basic precepts of common sense, what would you think? If the party you were studying became so willful that it turned upon the only body established to protect them, demonizing that group that once was universally proclaimed as heroes, what would you think? What would you think about a people so self-indulgent that they’re attention to the real political process going on around them held no more intensity or long term importance than a

Sunday football game?
What would your opinion be of a people who could stand vehemently proclaiming the supposed nobility of their cause, demanding their rights and then in a heartbeat become a group of vandals sacking a modern Rome?
Robert Whitaker, is the author of “Mad America” and “Anatomy of an Epidemic : Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America”. Mr. Whitaker states that rates of mental illness have doubled since 1987 and have grown ”SIX FOLD” since 1955.

After a bad election we sometimes think to ourselves “I must have been crazy to vote for that party”. Well, maybe we were. I guess the real point here is that our world is becoming more twisted daily. Can we pull ourselves out of this downward spiral? Are the majority of us too far gone to even care ?
If Mr. Whitaker s statements are true, this disease could certainly claim us, and just who among us are the mentally ill? Are the leaders of our country exempt, or are they just as messed up as the rest of us? It might explain a lot!


Grandparents and parents, give your children and grandchildren a clearer, saner view of life and their place in it. We don’t have to relive the dark ages of the past. We can instead experience a new Renaissance of American understanding, intelligence and character.

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