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Happy New Year America : NOT

The US from spaceAnother year has come and gone and our world is constantly changing. It used to be that you would hear of special events, miracles, acts of kindness and compassion when you would listen to or read the news on New Year’s Day. I didn’t see much of that this year. Most of the news seemed to be centered on the racial problems, the murders of police officers, the slaughter by ISIS and other disturbing stories.

We live in the end times. We exist in a world gone mad. Everyone is at their neighbors, relatives and friends throats. People don’t know who they can trust anymore, especially when they see family members and friends leave to join the terrorist side of an ongoing war, or join a group of protestors or join a gang.

I have been watching the News in the evenings while eating dinner and it is discouraging that it seems like 99.9% of the news is bad. Very seldom do you hear about someone doing something kind, someone helping a neighbor or friend. Very seldom do you hear that they have found a missing child or adult alive. There is always the news about the thousands of deaths caused by terrorists, or the death or disappearance of someone and who the police think might be involved. It is not often that you see a report on a funny or happy event.

The News sources of today seem to want to dwell on all the things that are wrong in this world. Murders, racism, kidnappings, arson, burglaries, rapes, political debates, rumors about politicians and celebrities, and just about any other depressing subject you can think of.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they started digging for the good, humanitarian events and acts that are normal in everyday life? What if they actually searched for the acts of kindness, the community events where people pull together, or the wonderful story of someone being found alive that was presumed dead, or even someone being healed from a bad injury or disease.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they reported on the groups, churches, and organizations that make it their goal to help the poor, the sick, the lonely and the needy? Wouldn’t it be great if they looked for the good in people rather than searching for the mistakes and problems people have.

In everyday life, you run across these events, deeds and acts. You see people who are doing kind and thoughtful deeds, who are lending a helpful hand, whether it is helping someone put groceries in their car or delivering food to their house. You may occasionally see someone acting in a wrong way but it is not as often as the Media systems relate.

Sure, there have been major problems in cities and countries around the world, but there have been good things that happen also, but for some reason our mainstream Media thinks that only the disasters, crimes, wars and the like should make it to the news. They give their viewers no hope for this world.

If you count the goodness that you experience in each day and compare it to the wickedness you see, you are bound to discover that there is still a lot of goodness out there, and if each person would commit to trying to do something each day for someone, then eventually the News Stations won’t have anything bad to report. Just a thought, I get so tired of hearing about everything that is wrong with the human race and would enjoy hearing something good for a change.

Just my opinion – Happy New Year, be blessed, Lori

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