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A Positive Attitude

crossIn mathematics we are taught that the addition sign, the plus sign is called a positive, while the minus sign is called a negative. When you add something you gain something, when you subtract you lose something. Have you ever noticed that the plus sign is also a cross, similar in composition to the cross that Jesus died on, although somewhat shorter? Could there be a connection?

We gained so much when Jesus was sacrificed for our sins on that cross. When we see a cross on a wall, on top of a church, at an altar or in a book or article we are reminded of that sacrifice that was essentially a positive for mankind, in that we are now able to be forgiven of our sins, through Jesus.

He didn’t have to die on that cross. Being God’s son he could have called upon a league of Angels to take him home, but he went through the whole procedure, the pain and agony, according to his father’s will so we could also be saved. He could have objected, even though he was the father’s son, he could have pleaded with the father, but he said “thy will be done”.

Many of us walk around telling people to have a positive attitude, when, in fact many of us don’t practice it. Talking to others face to face, we tell them they have to look for the positive in each day, the positive in the crucifixion of Christ, and the positive in being a Christian, and then we go to our homes and complain about how bad our lives are, or how bad our city is, how bad our neighbors are, how sick we feel or how bad we hurt etc.

I have a positive attitude. For example, I am positive that I will have several migraines this week. I am positive that my bones will ache, I will be tired, and I will be depressed, stressed and cranky. I’m positive I have not fully recovered from my cancer surgery, and that someone where along the line, I will pick up another virus, or break out in a rash or hives. It’s just life. I chalk it up to getting older, my body is slowing wearing out, and that is what it is supposed to do because it is temporary shell that’s not made to last forever.

I’m also positive that this world is getting worse each day. You read it in the papers, you see it on the internet, and you listen to it on the news. Everything is happening just as predicted, and just as it has before, repeated again and again just check your history, and not just the history of your particular country, but world history, going all the way back to the beginning of time.

I am positive that not many people look for the positive each day, for you rarely see the stories about something positive happening. Once in a while you will see an article on what could be called a miracle or a pay it forward event, but it nowhere equals the horrible news that is thrown at us on a daily basis.

I am positive that many of my unsaved family members and friends ignore my advice and just chalk up to getting older. I know eventually they will have to make a choice, but in the mean time they don’t want to hear it from me, because who am I, I am no expert.

Ever since Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden, there has been hate, deceit, jealousy, violence, wars, discrimination, immorality and fights for power. There has been murder, rape, child abuse, poverty and more. It is repeated over and over again in the Bible. Sometimes the wars, violence and death were at the command of God, but most the time they were at the command of humans.

I’m positive that the flowers will bloom, fade away and die, that the trees will grow their beautiful green leaves only to toss them to the wind a few months later, that the grass will grow, have to be mowed, and then will die again under a blanket of snow. It’s what happens.

You hear all the comments and stories about climate change and global warming, and they may very well be true, for I have noticed over the years that each season is different from the one the year before. More severe snow storms, ice storms, thunder storms, tornadoes, cyclones and hurricanes are recorded than ever before. More earth quakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis are occurring than ever before in history.

Face it; we have not taken care of this beautiful world that God created for us. We have damaged the earth with all of our new techniques for mining. We have polluted her waters and air and destroyed many of her fields and mountains. We have slowly destroyed the protective layer he put around our earth by disrupting it with planes, jets, rockets, pollution and radiation.

I am also positive that the month will outlast the money, it sometimes does and it is just a fact of life for many people. I am positive that at some point the car will need repairs that we can’t afford, because it already needs three tires and back window replaced. I am positive that someday we will be on shoe leather express, the Caravan and maybe the Senior Taxi again.

Now you might say that all of these positives are really negatives, but in reality they are not. They are 63 years’ experience of living life. Sixty three years watching the changing patterns in the habits of man, experiencing the ups and downs of living day to day life, and watching us destroy our earth. They are just facts of life.

But I do have a positive attitude, for I am positive that whether I die a peaceful death, an agonizing death or an accidental death, however it comes about, I am positive that I will stand in front of the Lord and praise him, that I will be surrounded by his glory and see those who have gone before me, and that he will shower me with the blessing of a new, permanent and eternal life..

Do you have a positive attitude? Where will you be when you leave this temporary home? Maybe it’s time to get a true, positive attitude through accepting Jesus as your Savior!! If you already know him, maybe it’s time to reconnect with him. You decide, positive or negative?

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