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Materialistic Things


Author: Lori Carter

I detest moving, but sometimes it is a necessity. We were at the last house for six years, probably the longest I have ever lived at one place in my life. We finally decided that we weren’t meant to be homeowners. It is just more than we can handle.

It was an older house that needed a whole lot more work than we were led to believe and after having a fourth plumbing problem in four years, we decided to let it go.

We found a nice little home for rent that is perfect for us. We decided ahead of time that we were going to weed things out a little, but in the end, even after the weeding, we seem to have collected a couple truckloads of “stuff”.

The hard part is finally over. We did it ourselves and it was a job, since Rich had to do most of the lifting. We got some help moving the appliances; we borrowed a dolly, and used my poor Isuzu to haul everything over to the new place. We did three to four loads a week for two weeks because we just mentally and physically could do no more, but we are finally moved in.

I look around me at the things we have collected. Rich’s stuff and my stuff, and I can honestly say there needs to be more weeding done. I just emptied a box in the kitchen that we brought over, and apparently didn’t go through first because I ended up throwing most of it out.

Are we hoarders? Maybe in a sense, but when you are raised poor you tend to collect little things that you might be able to re-purpose, like the porch pole that was going to get a birdhouse put on top or that silver “thingy” you wanted to make a wind chime out of.

If I ever have to move again, I have decided that if I can’t afford to have someone move me, I am just going to walk away from everything, rent a furnished place, and start all over again, because nothing I own, not one materialistic thing is worth the health or life of myself or anyone else.

After all, when I leave for my heavenly home, it is just so much junk that someone will have to throw out. Not one item will go with me. There is not one item I would even take if I could, for the Lord will be supplying all of my needs. A new body, a new home, a renewed spirit will all mine and I won’t want or need any materialistic thing.

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