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The Best is Yet to Come

I borrowed this from Facebook awhile back. A Christian site had shared it and after I read it, I though this is what it’s all about. It’s not about what we accumulate in wealth while we are on this earth, it’s not about our social status or our reputation. It’s about what our reward will […]

The Little Things

We live in a very fast paced world. Our technological advances have gone through the roof over the last decade alone. Computers, i Pads, iPods, cell phones, tablets, microwaves, computer controlled cars, trucks, planes, and drones just name a few. Cablenetworks with hundreds of channels and the capability to record any program for later viewing, […]

Pray Without Ceasing

I fully believe in the power of prayer. The more prayers said for a certain need, the more attention the Lord pays to that need. There are many times I have asked for prayer, not just for myself but so many others and so many circumstances. I have had prayers answered before I was even […]