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The Little Things

lakeWe live in a very fast paced world. Our technological advances have gone through the roof over the last decade alone. Computers, i Pads, iPods, cell phones, tablets, microwaves, computer controlled cars, trucks, planes, and drones just name a few. Cablenetworks with hundreds of channels and the capability to record any program for later viewing, smart phones that show you the face of who is calling, internet that allows you to search multiple sites at one time, moving from place to another in seconds are just a few others.

We stay busy from the time we wake up until we lay our heads back on our pillows for the night. Jobs, school, children, sports, shopping, cleaning, social events, doctor appointments, and with some church functions seem to keep our every minute filled with something to do.

We live in concrete jungles where sometimes you never see anything green or flowering, unless you live in a rural area. Building upon building stand in lines along the streets that are paved and lined with cars, some of them are towering high above the sidewalk as if reaching for the sky.

Streets are lined with stores, shops, schools, gyms, bars and restaurants, and this is the normal view for a vast majority of the world’s population. People walk out of their apartments, get in their cars, a taxi, and hop on a bus or subway to get to their appointments, jobs or extracurricular activities, and it all starts over again the very next day.robin

So how do you find those little peaceful moments, where everything is quiet and the world seems to disappear? How do you find the little things that matter the most? Maybe it’s taking a walk in the park, a drive in the country, or just a quiet spot by the water. It’s then that we notice the little things that can bring God back into the focus for us. It’s then that we stop and wonder about all that he has created, all that he is. It’s times like these that we remember just how great and wonderful he is.

It might be the robin that lands on your front step or the beautiful blue butterfly that all of sudden decides to land on your hand. Maybe it’s the soft breeze, blowing on your face when you take your lunch by a small pond in the park, or a lake or ocean nearby. It could be the crickets you hear on an evening walk, or the stars that start blinking once the sun has sunk beneath horizon.

blue butterlyMaybe it’s that pat on the back from a co-working or boss, saying “job well done”. Maybe it’s that prayer answered that was constantly on your mind. A giggling baby, a hand shake, a hug, “I love you” spontaneously said without forethought or effort, and that phone call from someone special that you have been waiting for are all of the little things that can make life so much more worth the effort and time.

It’s the little things in life that often seem to be the most important, and we need to take time to acknowledge them, embrace them, enjoy them and thank God for them.starry skies

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