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I’m Not Lucky

cardsShe’s lucky in love, his luck is changing because he won the lottery, they are an unlucky couple, and so many other “lucky” sayings abound in our social atmosphere. Your life doesn’t depend on a toss of the coin or a throw of the dice. It doesn’t depend on winning the jackpot, or walking away from a table with a roll of cash in your pocket. Your life is already predestined before you are even born. Every hair on your head, every freckle on your face, how tall you are, what color your hair and eyes are does not depend on chance.

I don’t play the lottery so I will never win the jackpot, and I don’t bet of sports so my team will never wind. I don’t play cards or bingo, so I will never walk away with a pocket full of cash. I know that no one will show up at my door and say I won the Publishers Clearing House and I have no rich relatives to leave me a bundle of money.

I don’t consult the stars or look into a crystal ball. I don’t have my palm or my cards read, because all of that is just a bunch of malarkey, and I know it is all a scam to get someones hard earned cash, but I have know people who lived by their horoscopes and visited fortune tellers on a regular basis, and their lives were never changed by what they were told.

When I was younger I used to repeat and believe the things I heard as a child. I thought, maybe there is something in finding a four leaf clover, maybe a lucky rabbit’s foot will help me out. Maybe I shouldn’t walk under a ladder and maybe I should knock on wood, but I was never convinced that luck and chance really had anything to do with my life.

My choices determined what my life would be, and boy did I make a lot of wrong ones. Getting involved with the wrong people actually put my life and the life of my son in danger for many years, and it wasn’t until I remembered how to pray that things changed and that’s why I am here today.

I have a roof over my head and food to eat. I have clothes to wear and shoes on my feet. I have people around me who genuinely love me and care and I have the most important thing in my life, more than all this, I have Christ.

No, I’m not lucky, I am blessed

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