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365 Days a Year

blue butterlyAs we get ready to go into a New Year, many of us will make New Years resolutions, most of which are made with good intent, but life gets in the way and even though we may start them, we rarely stick with them. The next New Year rolls around and we make them again, some of them are the ones we did not achieve the first time. It is all done with good intentions, with the desire to better our lives, better our situation.

A few weeks ago I put up an article about the 28 days of Thanksgiving. This goes around every year on Facebook, where everyone posts something they are thankful for. It’s a great idea and sharing our blessings are a testimony to our Lord. In this article I made a commitment to try and look for a blessing each day and share it on this site. I invited others to join in and offered to share their stories of thanksgiving.

I was saddened over the fact that I got not one comment on it, on the website or on Facebook. How sad to think that people aren’t willing to share what they are thankful for, what they are blessed with every day of the year. There was not even one “like” on it on Facebook and that is really disappointing.

But, I am going forward with this. If I can’t find one blessing, one thing to be thankful each day of my life, then my spiritual life isn’t in very good shape. I may not get them up each day, but I will be writing them down and sharing them on here as I can, so don’t be surprised to see two or three days in one article.

The challenge is still open. You can share in a comment on Facebook or on the website. I will share the ones on the website along with mine, the Facebook ones can viewed in comments on there. If I don’t see anyone participating, then I pray for all of you, for we really are a sorry bunch of believers if we can’t find one thing a day to be thankful for.

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