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Looking Into the Past

January 27, 2016 We all think about the past, about the good things that happened, the bad things that happened, the mistakes we made, and the people we have lost. I’m sure most of us have thought that if we could go back in time, we would do things differently, there is always something we […]


January 25, 2016 We’ve had a really dreary winter. Instead of the normal snow we used to get, it seems that it has rained an awful lot. I don’t know if it has anything to do with global warming or not, but I know that over the years our season have changed a lot from […]


January 22, 2016 Have you ever felt like your faith has been shaken? Have you ever lost faith because things looked so dark and there didn’t seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel? I have come close to this many times in my life, but I have learned that by holding […]

Prayer Warriors

January 19, 2016 I never understood the power of prayer when I was a new Christian. When people would tell me they were praying for me, I acknowledged and thanked them and never gave it another thought. But as I look back over the years, I can see so many prayers answered and so many […]


January 18, 2016 Many people believe we are born with the instinct of right and wrong, and as we grow older we make the choice to do what is right or wrong. I believe that all children are born innocent and it’s the way the parents raise them, what they allowed them to be exposed […]

Falling Behind

January 15, 2016 For many years I wasn’t in contact with my sisters. It was 18 years before I was in contact with my little sister and over 30 years that I was out of contact with my older sister. It wasn’t that we didn’t want to be in contact with each other, it was […]

What do We Take for Granted

January 13, 2016 Life is busy. We all know that. As you get older, some things get harder to do. For instance, I cannot tolerate real cold or hot temperatures like I used to. Today, I am thankful for heat in the winter and air conditioning and fans in the summer. Our seasons have changed […]

Life in a Small Town

January 12, 2016   Some people never realize the benefits of living in a small town. Sure there will be the cronies, the gossips, the looks and stares from people who don’t know you yet, but that all changes when you start to make friends and get to know the community. In a small town, […]

Looking Back

It looks like I will be getting these posts up every couple days, but I refuse to back away from this commitment. Some days they may be a page or two long, other times they may be short like these two are, but it will be done. I’m really sorry that no one has joined […]

Seven, Eight and Nine

Two days behind but I am writing them all down until I can post them on the site. Keeping a commitment can sometimes be difficult, especially when you are faithful to the Lord. Satan uses everything within his power to draw us away from anything that has to do with God. Whether it is filling […]