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Happy New Years

New-Years-EveAs the first day of 2016 comes to a close, it is time for me to do what I have committed to do. Although there were not many likes or comments about the 365 days a year plan, I’m confident that along the way others will join. Each day (maybe a day late once in awhile) I intend to put up something I am thankful for. If I can’t find something to be thankful for each day of the year, then I need to really work on my spiritual life.

We all have problems in our lives, hurdles to jump over, hoops to crawl through. No one has a perfect life, but when you learn to lean on Jesus and understand that he has everything under control, you learn to ask for the things you need such as strength, knowledge, protection and guidance

Each year many of us make New Years resolutions, many of which we never even attempt, others that we attempt and fail, and many that just fall through the cracks as we go through our daily life.

I have only two New Years Resolutions; 1 is to get closer to God, and 2 is to be the best person that I can be. That means I have to make changes in some of my habits, some of the ways I think, talk and/or act. It means that I will have to rely on the strength of the Lord to make these changes, so today “I am thankful for all the strength the Lord has given me in the past and all the strength he will give me in the future.”

Praying that the New Year will bring you the blessings you need and the spiritual gifts the Lord has in store for you.

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