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A Day Late

blizzard of 78.jpgYes, I am a day late on the 2nd thankful post for 2016, but I did mention that might happen. It was a busy day and there was some sad family news at the end of the day so I didn’t have time to post.

When I woke up yesterday, the sky was of the clearest blue and not a cloud in sight. As I get older and my bones become creakier, I have learned to love the clearer, warmer winter days. Maybe there is such a thing as global warming, but warmer is good for a person like me.

With arthritis going throughout my body, the cold air just seems to set into my joints and stay there. Achiness sets in and even when I take my medications, it never seems to quite leave altogether until the temperature reaches the 80’s outside.

We had a wet, cold, icy and snowy Christmas. There was not enough snow to amount to anything, but the fact that it fell after several days of icy rain, the chill in the air was worse than normal and even those friends of mine without arthritis were complaining about it settling into their bones.

So, yesterday, I was thankful for the blue sky and warmer temperatures (I think it was in the 30’s lol) and I was glad to see the icy, sloppy, wet snow starting to melt away. I will be even more thankful when the weather gets back in the 70’s and 80’s. blizzard of 76_2

I was also thankful that it was nowhere near the blizzard of 1978, where I sat in my little apartment, looking out the window and watching the whole city of Cleveland shut down. I watched the Colony Motel sign, at least thirty-forty feet high go from an upright position to laying flat on the ground by the end of the day from the high winds we had.

I know some people would suggest moving to a warmer climate, but I do love it in this small rural town in Missouri, and even the warmer climates have their weather problems to.

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