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Three Days

country sunrise

Country Sunrise

Isn’t just like Satan to try and throw obstacles in our way. Have you ever noticed that when you try to pray during the morning, a lot of other jumbled thoughts seem to start playing around in your mind, or if you are praying at night, you start getting really sleepy?

He feeds on attacking believers in any way that he can, small ways and large ways, but we must keep our beliefs and share them as often as possible. If we do this it is like a slap in the face to him.

Well, that seems to be what has happened the last few days. No matter how many times I tried to get my thankful posts put up, something happened to interfere. I had a post almost already to go up right after the last post and we got a phone call that lasted over an hour.

I am bound an determined to do this. I don’t think sharing 365 blessings, 365 days of being thankful is too much to do for our lord. It is a testimony to how he blesses us and how he watches over us. So here goes, three days in one post.

January 3: I wake up each morning in pain, if it isn’t a migraine then it’s the arthritis kicking in. This morning was one of those days when both decided to make an appearance. I am thankful that the lord has shown me what steps to take when this happens to keep my day from being completely ruined. I have learned what most of my triggers are and I try my best to avoid them. I say a prayer, take my meds followed by two cups of coffee (coffee has been proven to help with migraines) and then try to do the normal things I do each day.

January 4: Today I am thankful for all the medicines and procedures that the Lord has allowed the doctors and researchers to find. There are so many diseases in this world that can destroy our lives. A year ago they found cancer in my uterus, but thank the Lord that it wasn’t the kind that spread quickly, and thank the Lord that a hysterectomy was able to eliminate all of it.

January 5: Living on a fixed income isn’t easy. Ask anyone that is retired, disabled or any single mother that has to depend on governmental assistance. I am thankful today, that even though the electric bill went up $40.00 from last month, that there was enough money left over after all the bills were paid to put groceries in the house.

I am now caught up, and I hope to be stomping on Satan’s head daily with more of what I am thankful for. May you all be blessed and remember if anyone wants to join in, I would be happy to post the blessings you wish to share.

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