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Looking Back

country sunrise

Country Sunrise

It looks like I will be getting these posts up every couple days, but I refuse to back away from this commitment. Some days they may be a page or two long, other times they may be short like these two are, but it will be done. I’m really sorry that no one has joined in. What a sad shape human kind is in if we can’t find at least one thing to be thankful each day of our lives, especially here in the states. I understand it would be difficult in warn torn countries, be with all the freedoms we have here it shouldn’t be all that hard.

Day 10: I had a chance today to look back on my life. I could plainly see how horrible my life was before Jesus called to me. I am thankful for the day he did. He opened my eyes to all that he brought me through. Even though there are tough times in our lives and we sometimes feel like he isn’t listening or he doesn’t seem to care, he has everything under control. I can clearly see how, when I wasn’t following him, when I wasn’t a Christian, he orchestrated everything to bring me to where I am today.

Day 11: The air was very bitter yesterday. It was so cold when we went to the hospital for our walk. I can fully understand why people who live in the farth northern states and countries suffer from sever depression. I can understand why the suicide rate is higher in those areas, especially the places that go for months during the winter without any daylight. I am thankful today for the sunshine we had for awhile (even though it is cloud out now, but after all it is winter)

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