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Life in a Small Town

ButlerJanuary 12, 2016


Some people never realize the benefits of living in a small town. Sure there will be the cronies, the gossips, the looks and stares from people who don’t know you yet, but that all changes when you start to make friends and get to know the community.

In a small town, people always seem to be much more friendly, waving at you from their cars or walking down the street, even if they don’t know your name, they know you, because news travels fast in a small town and it won’t be long before everyone knows you and likes you (as long as you aren’t there to perform some criminal act)

I’ve lived in large cities and been the victim of their crime, their snobs, their coldness and their uncaring attitude. Just yesterday I watched a video of a Cleveland bus driver being attacked and the lack of concern or help from the passengers on the bus, one even complaining about not being able to get to their job on time and others just exiting the bus as this driver struggles with a man who pulled a knife on him.

You won’t find that coldness in the little towns. People are more apt to step up and do something if they see something happening that isn’t right. They are going to step in, call the police or ambulance instead of standing there with their cell phones taping everything. They watch out for their neighbors, the elderly and children, property and belongings. On two separate occasions, we have had neighbors ask us to keep an eye on their houses while they were gone, not knowing us personally, but felt they could trust us to do as they asked.

I was grabbed off the street in Cleveland, many years ago, and people on the street just glanced over and kept on walking, my son was shot on a street in Cleveland, almost died and his shooter only got charged with drug possession, my sister was killed in her home in Arizona, and even though the police were sure the neighbors knew who did it, no one would say anything.

This is why I love living is this small town. I know that I can walk down the street, that if there was ever a problem, my neighbors would not shut the door in my face. I know the police or ambulance would be there in minutes if I had to call them, and I know that whether I walk into the hospital or City Hall, I am safe from panhandlers, vagrants and the like.

Today I am thankful that the Lord urged me to move this small town of Butler, Missouri. It is here that I have lived for almost 8 years and it is here that I will stay. Sure small communities have their problems, their crimes, but they also have a strong bond, and family type bond that you will never find in the larger cities.

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