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Falling Behind

Jesus with children 2

January 15, 2016
For many years I wasn’t in contact with my sisters. It was 18 years before I was in contact with my little sister and over 30 years that I was out of contact with my older sister. It wasn’t that we didn’t want to be in contact with each other, it was the fact that we all moved around, lost phone numbers and addresses and had so much going on in our lives that we didn’t take the time to track each other down.

Out of the blue, one day, my little sister happened to remember where I used to work and called, hoping I was still there, and I was. It was still many years after her and I hooked up before I heard from my older sister. Since then we have stayed in constant contact. I even moved to the same town where my little sister lived. My older sister came here for awhile, but missed her grandchildren so much that she went back to Arizona.

I think about all those families in the east, in the war torn countries who are seperated, not knowing if they will ever be united again. My heart breaks for all those women and children whose husbands have been executed and I think of the agony they must be going through, not knowing if they or their children are next on the list.

Today I am thankful that the lord found a way for us all to reconnect. You don’t realize how much you love your siblings until you go for many years not knowing where they are, how they are, if they are even still alive. My little sister’s birthday was today, and I am so glad to be so close to her now.

January 16, 2016

When I look back on my life, I see so many stupid mistakes that I made. Some of them have had lasting effects on my son as well as myself. Because I was naive, because my parents never warned me about the type of people to stay away from, we lived in dangerous situations for a very long time. I am thankful today, that when I came to Jesus, he has led me down a different path in life, is always by my side and keeps me from making the same mistakes I made before.

Many people believe that God doesn’t talk to us anymore, but I believe he still does in many different ways. Our instincts are gentle proddings from the Holy Ghost. Often he sends others into our paths with a word of advice or knowledge and still other times he just puts the right solutions and knowledge in our minds

January17, 2016

I know that I run behind on these, but like I said, I am writing them down and posting when I can. Sometimes people think they shouldn’t pray for small, somewhat insignificant things, and other times they think that it is silly to be thankful for these same small insignificant things.

The Lord wants us to come to him with all of our needs and wants. He wants to take care of us, give us what we need, what we desire, and in return just wants our love and faithfulness.

Today, I am thankful for something that might seem insignificant to a lot of people. I am thankful for naps. I am glad that I can lay down and rest whenever I feel the need. There were a lot of times in my life where I would be up for many hours and never seemed to get enough sleep. Now I can get the rest I need most of the time, at the time that I need it.

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