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older woman prayingJanuary 18, 2016

Many people believe we are born with the instinct of right and wrong, and as we grow older we make the choice to do what is right or wrong. I believe that all children are born innocent and it’s the way the parents raise them, what they allowed them to be exposed to, what their environment is that causes them to make the wrong choices, but even at that, I believe that God instills certain gifts and attitudes in each child.

I have known many children in my life, some who I helped raise, and others through the various children ministries that I worked in. I don’t believe any child is born inherently evil. I have seen children raised in the church, with an excellent home life become lying, cheating, manipulating people and I have seen children born and raised in poverty, in the ghettos, around every despicable sin you can imagine grow up to be good Christians and professors, preachers, teachers and the like.

Many people, including myself believe that our instincts are often the Holy Spirit, our guiding Spirit, talking to us. Many times our instincts have kicked in just at the right moment, saving us from disaster or worse, death.

Today I am thankful for those instincts. It was very cold out last night, one of the coldest nights we’ve had this winter so far. When I went to warm up the car, it was making a funny noise, which went away after it ran for a few minutes. Rich had a feeling that I needed to take it down and have the oil checked. I drove down to O’Reilly’s and they said it was bone dry.

They were under the opinion that it had been drained and someone forgot to put the oil back in. This would make sense since we had a seal replaced about a year ago and they would have to drain the oil to put the new one in. Now whether they didn’t put enough back in or totally forgot to put in any, I don’t know and it’s been too far back to even ask them.

Now you might ask why the engine didn’t freeze up or some other damage occur before now? That totally has to be a God thing, for he knows how bad we really need to keep this car running. We have made it a habit in our household to follow our instincts and each time it has saved us some misery along the way.

January 19, 2016

I read my bible every morning, in fact I have been reading through several different translations. Right now I am reading “The Book”, put out by Tinsdale Publishers. I’ve already finished off the KJV translation and read some in the NKJV and the “Good News” bible. Basically they are almost identical in their translation other than some are more basic English instead of old English with the “thees” and “thou’s” often changed to you and yours. I find them all very interesting. When I was younger, the bible was hard to read, but now I find it very interesting to read about the battles they fought and how they were tempted and turned from the lord. There is much information to be absorbed, lessons for living other than the ten commandments are there among the pages.

We wanted more, so we have been reading several books put out by Readers Digest and Time-Life books. They not only repeat a lot of what was put in the bible, but they give you insight into how the people had to live, how they traveled, what they ate, and what their daily habits were.

For example, did you know that the Israelites were a nomadic people long before they settled down and built cities in the land that God promised them? They traveled all year around. Water holes, good pasture land, locations with good soil for planting crops were the legacies that were passed down from generation to generation. They also knew what cities they could camp outside, trade with and pass through without problems or being attacked.

They lived in tents that they carried with them, often having to travel many miles a day on foot, with mules carrying their supplies, herding their sheep along with them. When they did start building cities, their homes were built with mud bricks and thatch. The bottom floor is where the animals were housed, and a ladder would lead up to a second floor,an open loft where the family slept during the winter and they would sleep on the roof during the warm summer nights.

They ate mostly grain, figs, pomegranates, grapes, and some vegetables. Sheep were mostly kept for their wool which they would trade for other supplies and make their clothes from. Some were kept specifically for the different sacrifices that were to made on different events during the year.

Today I am thankful for our home, for a structure that is not open to stinky animals or the elements. I am thankful for a place that keeps the sun and rain off me as I work and sleep. I am thankful for the location that is close to everything and that I don’t have to worry about traveling from one spot to another, erecting a tent or building, a new structure to keep me and my animals safe until it is time to move again.

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