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When Satan Tries to Steal Your Joy


Christ of the Ozarks

Christ of the Ozarks, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

February 3, 2016

It wasn’t too long ago that I received a prayer request on Facebook. These dear Christian friends of mine had been through so much already. Besides struggling with finances, trying to keep a roof over their heads and take care of their family, two of their three children were special needs children who had constant doctor and hospital visits. The mother, herself, had her own medical problems and struggled every day to take care of them. They are a wonderful family, and when I got the prayer request I immediately prayed.

A few days later, after things looked so bleak they posted a praise report. The car had been fixed, their utility bills had been paid and there was food in the house to see them through until the next month. I can’t lay claim to my prayer being the one that God responded to because I know he heard so many for this family. I believe it was their faith that had the biggest impact, because they ended their request with the phrase “we are believing our lord will take care of all our needs”.

It is people like this that lift my spirit, that give me even more hope and faith than I had before. Not once did they ever accept the idea that God wouldn’t come through for them. It is praise reports like the one they posted a few days later that uplift my spirit and make me so thankful for a loving lord who wants to take care of our needs. Today I am thankful for so many of my friends that refuse to let Satan steal their joy, that believe with an unfaltering faith that God will come through for them every time.

February 4, 2016

I bought a washer a few years back, the first one I have ever had that was brand new. It broke down three days after the years warranty was up. I was livid because the place I bought it from didn’t tell me I could purchase an extended warranty on it. People who sell appliances, furniture, electronics should be up front with the advantages of purchasing extra protection, unfortunately many will not tell their customers because they want them to have to come back and purchase more products from them. We live in such a deceitful age right now and it is just so disgusting to me how dishonest many businesses have become.

Now some people may think that being thankful for a washer is silly, but I have had to wash clothes out in a sink or bathtub by hand and hang them to dry. I have hauled clothes in a wagon, cart or dragged baskets down the street and spent a bundle on laundromats, so when I bought a new machine, I was ecstatic. It sat for a few years on the back porch while I tried to find a way to get the money to fix it. When we moved into this house with the kind help of the people from mom’s church they took the machine and had it fixed for us. It actually works better now than it did when I first bought it, so yes, today I am thankful for my washing machine and the kind people that reached out and helped us get it fixed.

February 5, 2016

It’s old. It sits next to the cabinet on the other side of the stove. The outside is dingy and we had to repair the seal around the edges of the door, ha, with duct tape. We had some old green paint, kind of a lime green and we decided to paint it one year. So, for awhile this lime green thing sat in our kitchen. My sister, the original, now older, hippie got a good laugh out of it when she saw it.

Last year we got tired of the lime green paint so we decided to see what we could do with contact paper. We found some beige looking stuff, made it almost look like it was stuccoed on the outside, and we got most of it covered. We never got around to doing the one side, which is the side that shows on the outside where it sits in the kitchen at the new house. The front looks like a brand new appliance. Lately it has been making some weird sounds, but only once in awhile, but the old gal keeps on chugging along. Sometimes the temp is a little high and things start to freeze, and when it is full things don’t get as cold as fast as they used to, but she still gives it her best shot.

We only paid $175.00 for her about 6 years ago, and even though she was used at the time, she has been ever faithful to us. We know some day, maybe sooner than we think, we will have to let the old girl go, but we have already started saving for another one.

Yes, I am thankful for our refrigerator and to those of you who think this is silly, try living without one. Try buying food by the day and keeping it in a Coleman cooler, or trying living on just canned and boxed goods without the benefit of healthy, fresh foods and see how you like it. It amazes me the things that people take for granted, that they don’t realize are blessings until the day they have to do without.

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