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Living Life

lakeFebruary 9, 2016

I love to sleep. It seems that as I have gotten older I need more than I used to. I used to be able to burn the candle at both ends, so to speak, but it was necessary at that time. I almost always had to work two jobs or double shifts, sometimes to make ends meet other times because I was asked by the companies I worked for.

I helped raise a bunch of kids that weren’t mine for several years, and I was the one who would get up at 7:00 AM after working until 3:00 AM and get them their breakfast, send of the ones who had to go to school and take care of the little ones left at home. Once in awhile I might get a little nap, but it wasn’t often because as soon as I got the little ones down for a nap, it was time for the others to come home.

Now, being disabled, I still have a lot of running to do, doctor’s appointments, picking up prescriptions, getting Rich to the Hospital every 48 hours for his medicine, but I am able to schedule all of this within the time range I want.

It is not unusual for me to stay up past midnight and sleep til 10:00 the next morning. Some nights I get to bed earlier and get up earlier, but it is of my own choosing and not necessity, and almost every day, whether at 3 or 6 I can lay down for a nap. Yes, today I am thankful for sleep. I feel like I am catching up on all those years of doing without it.

February 10, 2016

I have always been a curious person. I love reading and researching, so much that I did research for a company for eleven years. My late husband, Ken, used to tell me I was like a little robot, I needed “input” on a constant basis. I was always asking questions. Many of them were related to God, because he had been a Pastor I figured he knew all there was to know.

I’ve read the bible a few times, a few different versions, but never really quite understood everything in it. I am reading it again, this time really reading it, reading it out of curiosity, not because I have been told it is the thing to do. It is an amazing book. The old testament has our history from the beginning. There were battles, and plagues, and miracles. It’s like reading a great novel because this time I want to read it.

Today I am thankful that God instilled in me a natural curiosity. I seem to learn something new every day, just because I am curious. Of all the subjects I took in school, none of them peaked my curiosity, but today I research and read on a variety of subjects and garner a lot of information that I would never have learned in school.

February 11, 2016

Yes, it seems I can only get these up in three day increments. But I list them each day on a pad by my computer. It takes a little time to decide which blessing I want to talk about because there are so many and as I work on these articles, I am starting to notice more and more of them each day. I may repeat some along the way, but that’s OK, because they are continual.

I am thankful today that the Lord nudged me to take on this project. Thankful that he is using it as a way to insert some positiveness in each day and share it with others. When I look around at our world today, seeing so much violence, crime, hatred and immorality, I realize also that there are so many good things in life that people just don’t notice anymore.

Every one is so busy living life, that they have forgotten how to slow down and enjoy life. Picking out just one thing to be thankful for each day has shown me already how much more there is to living life, than being stressed and so busy that you don’t have time to see what you are missing. So many people go through a day running around like crazy that they don’t even have time to notice the weather, nature, people around them, or the little things that are there every day that make life worth living.


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