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I Can See

eyeFebruary 15, 2016

When I was a teenager, I tried an experiment. I would walk around the house memorizing where the furniture was. I would count the steps from the bedroom to the bathroom, from the bathroom to the living room and on to the kitchen. I would run my hands across the counter, over the toaster, the counter and everything sitting on it. I would open the refrigerator and memorize the feel of the bottles on the door and where everything was located on the shelves. Then I would go back to my bedroom, and I would close my eyes and try to walk through the house without running into anything. I wanted to see if I could actually do what blind people did.

I have never personally known anyone who was blind. I have seen them walking down the street, crossing roads and walking up and down store aisles with their white canes. I did know one person who was declared legally blind. In fact they worked at a store in the Terminal Tower that was run by the Society for the Blind. They wore real thick glasses, and with the help of them, could see enough to walk around and do what they needed to do. Without those glasses, they couldn’t see anything except shadows.

I have read that if a person doesn’t have their sight, their other senses become enhanced. Their sense of smell becomes stronger, their hearing ability increases and their sense of taste is enhanced. I used to feel sorry for people without their sight, but in a way it is a blessing, because they can’t see all the ugliness that is in this world now, but in a way it is sorry also, because they can’t even begin to visualize the beauty that is here in this world also. Today I am thankful for my ability to see Gods beautiful world, not the ugliness that man kind presents each day, but the beauty God intended us to see.

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